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I have mixed feelings about this. I’m absolutely delighted Tim is touring and love the Life and Times concept but am also really disappointed that he isn’t touring Forenzics or AT… What would fix this is if Eddie and Andy were part of the band and the set list included a couple of songs off each album.

My ideal Tim Finn band is:

Guitar - Brett Adams

Bass - Andy White

Piano/Keyboards - Eddie Rayner

Drums - Matt Eccles or Michael Barker

Backing vocals - Harper and Elliot Finn

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I see some reviews are already in for the Life and Times of Tim Finn in Australia. Anybody from here go??

By the sounds of it, Tim is in good form. I hope this starts a bit of a resurgence in Tim's touring. This gig setlist only covers 1977-1993, so nothing from the past 30 years! I think it is the songs that are missing from the setlist that show the depth of Tims back catalogue. This gig is basically songs from Split Enz, Escapade (4 songs), and Woodface (3 songs). So nothing from Big Canoe, nothing from Tim Finn, only Persuasion from Before and After, and nothing from the Finn Brothers or any solo albums after 1993.  It really should be called the Life and Times of Tim Finn 1977-1993.

I hope that the success of this little tour will encourage him to tour his most recent works (particularly Forenzics and AT) and maybe a The Life and Times of Tim Finn 1994-2023

I see I got part of my ideal Tim band with Brett Adams on guitar and Elliot on backing vocals. I'm looking forward to hearing her and Tim singing together. I think it is really cool that she is part of this gig, and sharing some of the vocals with Tim.

@Guy. posted:

I think it’s great that Tim is touring at all. These shows are at bigger venues and targeted at audiences of people who will know and like Tim, but likely won’t be familiar with songs like Young Mountain or Haul Away. I’m proud of Tim that he can play a full show with almost all radio hits.

I'm going to see Tim in Wellington in a few days and can't wait. I think there's plenty of later songs casual fans would know. Manys The Time, Angels Heap, Luckiest Man Alive, What You've Done, Couldn't Be Done, Winter Light, Out Of This World. Even just a song or two from one of his four new recent studio albums would be nice.

Sure only the die hard fans know Young Mountain. But Parihaka from the same album was a huge hit. Kinda disappointing that the setlists have all been identical so far and there's nothing post 93.

Yeah...I'm really surprised that the Tim Finn album doesn't make the setlist. Parihaka, Not Even Close and How Am I Gonna Sleep were all hits. Certainly, more so than Ghost Girl (and Made My Day for that matter) which did make the cut. I do love that Staring At The Embers is being done though. I never thought I would hear Tim do that one...

I'm hugely excited about the upcoming show on Saturday night at The Civic in Auckland. Although I've always considered it likely that there would be another Split Enz reunion at some point, I didn't expect to see a solo Tim performance again. I'm replaying memories of previous shows...

1989 Split Enz encore after Crowded House show, Auckland

1993 Te Awamutu Rugby Club (and busking the following day outside a record shop in Hamilton). Encore included Neil. In my mind, this was the best.

2000 Wellington

2002 Wellington

2003 Tabac, Auckland (two Finn Brothers shows, debut of "Everyone Is Here" material). Legendary.

2004 Finn Brothers, St James, Auckland

2005 Finn Brothers, The Civic, Auckland

2006 Auckland ("Imaginary Kingdom" launch)

2008 Auckland ("The Conversation" launch)

2008 Split Enz, Auckland

2011 Auckland ("The View Is Worth The Climb" launch)

Hard to believe, looking at the setlists, that there's nothing after 1993 included. It's like time travel back to that Te Awamutu show all those years ago.

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