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I'm trying to do two things with this post:

a) I'd like a comprehensive list for musicals or stage-only shows Tim's been involved with.

B)I"d love a list of songs from these works. And of course any other information would be welcome! 

The list I've got is: 

  1. Feedback 2002 (includes "White Cloud Black Shadow"
  2. Star Navigator (2015, also turned into an opera in 2020)
  3. The Fiery Maze  2016 -- a recording released to streaming services in 2018
  4. Poor Boy -- not really any new songs, uses various songs written by Tim Finn from his career. 

Am I missing anything?


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To this 


  •  STeel City: 1998
  • Feedback: 2002
  • Poor Boy: 2009 (using older Tim songs)
  • White Cloud: 2012
  • Ladies in Black: 2014
  • Star Navigator (musical): 2015
  • The Fiery Maze: 2016
  • Star Navigator (opera): 2020


To this I will add “Twelfth Night” 2018 from a Sam Strong directed version of the Shakespeare play, which featured original music by Tim Finn.

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What has wholly escaped my attention up to the present is that Tim had also written a song for the movie Ladies in Black (2018). The title of the song is "Always Be Happy" and it is sung during part of the end credits by his daughter Elliot (

As far as I remember, I checked the song list back then and I could not find anything related to Tim (or it might have slipped my notice). Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to find the song there now.

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