I'm trying to do two things with this post:

a) I'd like a comprehensive list for musicals or stage-only shows Tim's been involved with.

B)I"d love a list of songs from these works. And of course any other information would be welcome! 

The list I've got is: 

  1. Feedback 2002 (includes "White Cloud Black Shadow"
  2. Star Navigator (2015, also turned into an opera in 2020)
  3. The Fiery Maze  2016 -- a recording released to streaming services in 2018
  4. Poor Boy -- not really any new songs, uses various songs written by Tim Finn from his career. 

Am I missing anything?


Original Post

Thanks for the clarification on Star Navigator. I'd seen references to it on this forum for years, then saw an article on a "new" opera. 

Is any music from the original Star Navigator "out there"? I don't think I've heard anything from it.



  •  STeel City: 1998
  • Feedback: 2002
  • Poor Boy: 2009 (using older Tim songs)
  • White Cloud: 2012
  • Ladies in Black: 2014
  • Star Navigator (musical): 2015
  • The Fiery Maze: 2016
  • Star Navigator (opera): 2020


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