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What a great Show!

Set list:

Straw to Gold
Saw & The Tree
Couldn't Be Done
Dirty Creature
Slow Mystery
Great Return
My Mistake
Shark Attack
More Fool Me
Forever Thursday
Weather With You

Six Months (rocking version with Katie Steele on Lead Vox)
Out Of This World
Chocolate Cake (with a nod to Obama)

Hi to the Frenz forum member who photographed my setlist! and a Big Thanks to Tim for a great night. Particularly moved by the ode to his daughter "Out of this World" ...A Tim classic.
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Hey hey HBOMB...I think I might know you from somewhere Wink

How good was the piano and guitar parts in 'Dirty Creature'....and the Katie Steele led 'Six Months in a Leaky Boat'.

Really loved some new songs too....'Saw and the Tree', 'More Fool Me' and 'Forever Thursday' with it's guitar riff.

Also a 'hello' to the girl in the front row that we chatted to about Finn gigs and the concert in general. I wonder where that photo of us will end up?
Yeah what a night - had never heard any Katie Steele or Little Birty but she was good enough for me to head down and buy a CD of theirs during my lunch break.

Frank Woodley was very funny.

And Tim rocked. His band are very good - thought Brett's mega guitar hero style Star Spangled Banner before launching into Couldn't Be Done was very very fitting for the day.

Six Months with Katie rocked, as did Dirty creature.

New songs all sounded great too, Especially Straw to Gold, Saw and The Tree, Forever Thursday.

Was a very memorable and special night.
I thoroughly enjoyed last night's gig too. Thought Tim's new songs were brilliant and cannot wait to receive the cd. Who was that guy he told to get off the stage? He went back stage so did he have something to do with the new show?

Tim and the band were tight and fantastic- two very talented guys (aside from Tim of course)! Pity the keyboardist is heading back overseas...

I only know of Katie Steele from the 'She Will Have Her Way' album as she performed Leaky Boat on it. Had a hunch she would come back and perform it with Tim. It was pretty cool and boy, does she have a phenomenal voice or what?
The show rocked alright. Big Grin

Seeing and hearing Tim perform the new songs live really brought them to life for me, and I'm very much anticipating the new album now. I'll listen to it this weekend, and can't wait.

Apart from that, I thought Frank was the un-funniest commedian I had ever seen, and it was tedious sitting through it. No offence to anyone who is a fan of his, but once they start swearing, and people are laughing at that, you know that things are pretty much getting desparate. Swearing does not offend me in the slightest, but its just boring in that context. I do understand that people were there waiting to see Tim, and it must be really hard for an artist to be in that position, and I did feel sorry for him when he walked past us looking either crest-fallen or exhausted, but he just didn't do it for me.

Katie Steele. She is not my cup of tea at all. I think she has a very shrill and hard voice, and just because one can hit the notes does not mean one's voice is pleasant to listen to. It could come down to how the sound was set up, but I found it really hard to take, and was grateful that we had decided to hang at the back during the first acts. It must have been ear-drum splitting closer to the front.

I know I'm coming across as a Groucho, and I haven't finished yet. Razzer I also didn't think much of Raymond J Bartholomeusz as the MC - sorry don't know his real name. He came to a bit towards the end, when the juggler guy from the audience got up on stage, but apart from that, meh. Cudos to the guy from the audience. He had his feet planted at one stage, in a bit of a deliberate pose, but it made me think that he's perhaps a performer? Or an artiste of some kind. Anyway, he was very entertaining and I could have watched more of him. Both him and the woman who got up on stage to juggle were both really good sports. I missed what the point of that exercise was, but it doesn't matter.

So, to the star of the night. Big Grin

I don't know how Tim looks as good as he does for his age. At the start of the show he very graciously dealt with a couple of guys who were on the stepsleading to the stage taking photos. Tim very nicely said that they were makinghim feel crowded, then asked them to get down off the stage. He said he found it intimidating. The their credit, the guys moved, and the show went on.

The two guys playing with him were fantstic, but especially Simon on keyboards, I thought. I usually have a hard time keeping my eyes off Tim, but I was enchanted by Simon's keyboard playing. His hands moved so fast over the keyboard, and he kind of reminded me of Eddie Rayner a bit - just with his dexterity on the keyboard etc. I really enjoyed it.

There was a pretty good smattering of both old and new songs, and I was very pleased with the new stuff. It must have just been me at first listen that day. Roll Eyes Or maybe it was because hearing them live and seeing them live really brought them alive for me. Whatever. Its made me look really forward to listening to the album over the weekend.

The setlist was posted above (thank you!) so I don't need to go into that.

It was a fairly short set, just over an hour, but very enjoyable, and very much worth the outing. I was there pretty early, which meant a long wait to see Tim, but an excellent parking spot (thanks for the tip Kaz Big Grin).

Great to see/meet up with Frenz and Fanz from other forums, and more than half the anticipation of these shows is catching up with and spending time with Kazzie and Kazzie's sister. Big Grin Doing it all again in a couple of months ladies. How lucky are we? Cool

One of the highlight songs for me was Great Return, but as I said before, I really enjoyed all of them. Wasn't too happy to hear Katie on Six Months (my favourite song of all time), but I guess I'll get over it!

I would have loved to have been going to another, or more, shows but we take what we can get. I'm hoping there'll be more shows early next year, with a bit more notice.

I didn't stay around afterwards because I had to get up and go to work the next day. I was out way past my bedtime, and just because I set the stupid alarm to go off early, doesn't mean it needs to take it that literally. Razzer

A really enjoyable show, and looking forward to more soon, I hope. I doubt that I'll get to NZ for any more shows anytime soon, but will see him in Australia whenever and wherever I can, while I can.

If you get a chance to check him out, my suggestion would be, take it. Smiler
It was great to see Tim in such an intimate venue. Nice to be front row without a mad crush and Yemanja has staked us a great spot. I'm with Texas Rose in Frank Woodley not being very funny, but thought Brian Nankervis (probably spelt very wrong) was quite good. I wasn't a Katy Steel fan, but thought she did alright, though a lot of her songs did sound a bit similar.

Of Tims new songs I really loved Forever Thursday, definately a standout. Such a nice sentimate as well being about his first date with his wife. Where can I get a Tim?

That Simon on Keyboards was amazing. We just in front of him and I found myself watching his hands for half the show instead of Tim. Insanely talented. We should kidnap him and not let him return to Norway. Surely Tim must have some friends in immigration after all the traveling he has done that could pull some strings and not let him leave the country?

Of the old songs Dirty Creature really went off. Shark Attack is always a favorite of mine, but I guess it was the keyboards in dirty creature that made it stand out. Hadn't heard chocolate cake done live before so that was a highlight too.

It was great to meet/remeet some frenz too. No doubt I will be seeing them all in a few weeks at the forum.
I've seen numerous Finn configurations in the last 10 years but in several respects, this was the most musically rewarding of all.

I say this mainly because the Gershwin arrangements as a trio were very unique especially because as many have mentioned, the spectacular piano but also very good guitar and lack of drums.

As for Katie Steele, I can see the point about her voice being a bit hard/shrill over an entire set but I think it works 100% for the encore version of 'Six Months'. Absolute tops in my book.
LOL Texas Rose... great review, really really made me sad I couldn't get there. Tim really has to start ringing me to coordinate diaries - this is the second time I've had to miss one of his Melbourne gigs Mad .

Woodley used to be great, especially when he was with Lano, paid good money to see them, but he does seem to have got a bit frantic lately.

Brian Nankervis is of course the brains behind Rock Wizz and a long time friend of Paul Hester, shame that he was under par.

And I wonder if Tim had a singer with him on 6 Months as he worries that his voice won't handle the high notes anymore? Do you think?

Anyway, great reviews, and fabbo pictures. Thanks all. [Dammit Frowner .]
hk wrote:
LOL Texas Rose... great review, really really made me sad I couldn't get there. Tim really has to start ringing me to coordinate diaries - this is the second time I've had to miss one of his Melbourne gigs .

LOL Big Grin

Yes, it was extremely rude of Tim not to co-ordinate diaries with you hk. Razzer

I was sorry not to see you there. Frowner

I enjoyed myself much more than I thought I would. We had hung back, as I said, but when we got up closer to the stage just before Tim came on (couldn't resist Wink), someone in their wisdom had turned on the airconditioning. It was brilliant. I was getting small bursts of it up the front, and could feel it really strongly towards the back a bit. It just keeps the air moving, and stops that really stuffy feeling that gets to me, at least, badly at the moment.

Don't take too much notice of my reviews. Razzer I'm not a mad-keen fan of comedians, so I'm probably very hard on them.

However, if Tim did need help on Six Months, I'd be asking Minnie Mouse before I asked Katie if I was him. Big Grin Okay, that's really harsh. Katie just really reminded me of Stevie Nicks. No, she doesn't sound like Stevie, but although Stevie absolutely sings on tune, I just feel that she has an extremely hard voice.

I'm really no judge, because I'm not musical, so I'm only going on what I felt.

The one I really want to see performing back again with Tim is Mareaa Paterson. I really do like that girl. She stands and plays the bass, but hey, I enjoy watching her perform. Cool

Hope to see you at Tim's next gig hk. Smiler
I hope you can make the next gig too hk! Smiler

Thanks for the roundup TR. As always, you pretty much covered the night - I don't know how you remember it all! It was great to see you again and catch up and can't wait to do it again.

I really enjoyed the show, but I'm with TR on this one. Katie and Frank were of no interest to me at all. I'm sure they showed their wonderful talents to those who appreciated them, but I wasn't one of them! Razzer

Tim was great. I couldn't have cared if he did 6 months or not. I was too much enjoying the new stuff. Agree with all that Dirty Creature rocked and that the keyboard player will be sadly missed!

Tim really enjoyed himself and looked relaxed and in fine form. I especially loved his cheeky smiles through More Fool Me. Razzer

The only thing I didn't much care for was Chocolate Cake, which I've always disliked but it was Tim in a great room, having fun, so what the hey! Smiler

No Poor Boy. Frowner but then again, you can't always have everything you want! Smiler
Originally posted by hk:
I wonder if Tim had a singer with him on 6 Months as he worries that his voice won't handle the high notes anymore? Do you think?[Dammit Frowner .]

I doubt it. I think it was just a gesture on Tim's part (perhaps at the request of the powers that be) to bring a bit of unity to what was otherwise a rather chaotic evening.
Originally posted by Camus:
I say this mainly because the Gershwin arrangements

He played some Gershwin?
Just the room they were playing in Smiler

But the band did play a little piano piece as Tim walked on stage. Anyone know what song that was? The opening went something like this:

Spoken by Brian Nankervis:
"Ladies and gentleman...There is a man out there who is very excited to be launching his album. To be associated with a show like this, you need to go wild. Please, Mr Tim Finn"

[unidentified piano tune - 20 seconds long]

Spoken by Tim Finn:
"Finally I've made it to the Gershwin Room. 35 years it's taken me. Thank you it's good to be here."

[band launches into 'Straw to Gold'...and the concert begins...]
I was sorta skeptical about Tim in a three-piece format with no drummer: I was somewhat worried about how... exciting it would be.

But, I needn't have been worried, since Tim and band were fantastic, and plenty exciting. Brett and Simen have played at all the Tim gigs that I've been to (this was the third), but I think this time around they got to play in a far more flashier manner. Like everyone, I thought Dirty Creature was fantastic, and dug the fiery guitar-work and keyboard solos. Plus, I really enjoyed all of the new songs that I heard!

The only downside was that since I had to catch a train back to Geelong, I missed the encore. Bummer! Still haven't seen any Finn perform Chocolate Cake!

At least, according to Tim's blog on Myspace, he'll be back in Feb/Mar next year. I'll certainly be looking forward to that!

It also makes me wonder if they'll have Simen back by then. Or maybe Eddie Rayner will tour instead?
Hey. Girl in the front row here. I think that photographer worked for a website. So maybe the photo of us is lurking somewhere on the internet!

What a great show! I loved the solos on "Dirty Creature". Those guys rock. I also enjoyed "Slow Mystery" a lot. Tim sang it beautifully, he's got such a lovely voice. And it was sweet how he mentioned his daughter in her space suit when he sang "Out of This World".

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