Hi all,
Just curious - does anyone know of the existence of any live Tim or Finn Brothers recordings? Most that I encounter are Neil or CH related, but having now seen Tim live (and being a complete convert to Tim fandom ), I was looking for more live stuff.
Cheers all

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Hi Loomis,
I once got some extracts of a Finn concert in Hamburg, Germany by a friend in Belgium, who surely has the whole concerts... It was broadcasted on radio and I think it�s great!
I know of the existence of a recording of Finn Bros. live at the Fillmore, San Francisco, 1996.

There's also a recording of Tim Finn live at the Borderline, London (Before & After era) available somewhere out there in cyberspace. I think some British online record shop sells it at a shockingly steep price.

Other than that, there was a live webcast of a Tim Finn concert from Boston Radio a couple of days ago.

Happy hunting!


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