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I am so happy and grateful to have been given another chance to see this production. Through lack of funds and missing an announcement, I missed out on the last 2 opportunities and it cut! It will be a LONG trip from Taupo, but so what?!
Details and ticket bookings (NZ$40):

I would liken you

To a night without stars

Were it not for your eyes

To a sleep without dreams

Were it not for your songs (Langston Hughes)

What else is love for

But to leave you wanting more? (Tim Finn)

My Digital Art, Poetry & Lyrics

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1/2 way there, been up all night, about to nod off. I've never been so far north before. I've seen so many wonderful places over the years, following Tim around. It's like the ELO song,

"Somebody told her that there was a place like Heaven
'Cross the water, on a 747..."

Edited to say that I'm reluctant to close my eyes, with a view like this. Another glorious day, everything's green and the sea is sparkling.
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Of course. Let's just say that after the final song, the one about the flying dream, in which Tim's departed mother shows him, in a dream how the earth looks, now that she had left... I was too busy wiping my eyes by the end of it to realise that that was it. I wanted to open a window and step out, for my own trip across the sky! I love these songs so much, WOW! 10 hours on the road, 10 to go home, 2 hours crying, last time I missed out on seeing this show, it's all worth it, because...1ce again, WOW!
Tim's voice has plenty of unfaded beauty left, judging by tonight's performance. That is just another reason why it is an absolute sin, not to record these beautiful songs and soon! I am going to write and appeal to Tim on the matter. Who's with me?

"If you feel a strong connection
To your land and sea and sky,
Then it will offer you protection,
When you're lost and don't know why."

Thankyou, New Zealand. Thankyou, Tim. I might write some more, following more sleep. I'll be dreaming of flying.
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And overcome,

You fly so freaking high,

That you refuse to say,

"Excuse me",

While you touch the sky!


 (Ha ha ha!) OK, thought I should write more, even though "White Cloud" has been reviewed on here in the past.

It is a co-creation of Tim, playwright, Ken Duncum and filmmaker, Sue Healy, who edited original footage, mostly taken by Richard Finn. Some of this footage, I had seen at the Te Awamutu Museum. I loved what Sue had done, making the graininess of some of that old footage look like an artistic effect. The show begins with the question, “Who are we –and why does it matter?”

The songs and narrative poetry revolved mostly around Tim’s heritage, particularly his mother, with references  to Ken’s family as well. The y describe alienation, “If you don’t know who you are, chances are you’re Pakea!” I loved the question, as to whether Pakea was just a rephrase of  “bugger off”, having wondered the same thing myself. They evoke the spirit that is New Zealand and of course, love, “My clarity begins at home.” Many of the songs were reminiscent of The Conversation, acoustic (Tim gravitated between piano, guitar, a uke for 1 song, even picking up a large wind instrument, the name of which eludes me, for a few bars), melodic, intimate, filled with plenty of that angelically soaring head voice, which has so become my perfect drug.

 I knew this show would be special, I think that’s why I cried so much, when I thought my chance was lost.  These songs need to be recorded and released, as a soundtrack, with or without the narrative, or possibly as a DVD of the whole stage production. I have a feeling that the show might find it’s way to Wellington. Wellington scores a mention in a couple songs and it’s already been to Waikato, Auckland and now Northland…

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You might recall, “White Cloud” was part of the Sydney Writers' Festival last year. My own city at the time and I missed out, because I missed the announcement. I must admit that before I made the big move, I didn't know what "Pakea" meant. It means "European" or "white person", for those who don't know. I was shocked to find that CERTAIN Maori, particularly those of an older generation, don't like us. Being from Australia…well, let’s not go there..

I believe this piece meant so much more to me, because I have experienced living here, as an outsider. I also believe that had I seen “White Cloud” , whilst still living in Sydney, it would have upset me, because the many references to “White cloud, black shadow…green hills” would have made me long for and miss her so much more. You fall in love…then you enter into a relationship and your feet get planted firmly in the earth…

I live here now, it is no longer a fantasy, but still my imaginary kingdom, “a place where is music and there is creativity.” It felt right, seeing this production here, feeling the protection of the land, sea and sky, when I have felt lost and forsaken. It felt like a conclusion to a long journey: “He called, you came, though it took a long while. You are where you belong.  Here is your prize”

Does any of this answer your question?

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