Yes, agreed. If he feels that solo albums don't offer him a good vehicle for his output, he shouldn't pursue them. I wonder how much that has to do with the fact that he's no longer a commercially viable artist? I mean, apart from the expense/return issue, it must be soul destroying to put so much effort into producing a record only to see it sink like a stone.

That's not having a dig at Tim, and it might be a purely European perspective, but I just don't think the mainstream interest is there anymore and, while we may be a dedicated band, we're small in number.

If Tim feels that musicals are more likely to offer commercial return and generate public interest, it makes perfect sense. Of course, I'd much rather get to hear Tim's own performances of these songs on an album, but perhaps that's a role the fan club can take on (hint hint).

Interesting point there. I think you're quite right about Tim slipping off most people's radar - I think the only place he still charts in is NZ and that's not a lot of records sold (not a dig at NZ!) It could also be simple lack of interest, he's done a lot of albums, or it could be that his voice is started to lose power: he was mixed very low in the encore shows and I suspect it was because of his voice. I'd still love to hear Tim's renditions of the songs from his musicals though...

I don't think Tim really cares about commercial success, or even what people think of his work. He merely pursues what he's interested in because he's in a (financial) position where he's able to and no longer feels the need to be commercially successful or popular.

Any fan can understand that Tim does no longer feel up to making solo albums, at least, not in the usual sense. But  I wonder why it would be impossible to share his work with fans in some other ways, such as a soundtrack CD ('Ladies in Black', 'White Cloud') or a collection of rare songs ('The Fiery Maze')? Still, not a word about such plans, there is not even mention of the songs of the 'The Fiery Maze' being put onto a record. I begin to doubt if even this project will ever come to be realized.


Tim should do as Tom Waits did and record his own versions of his stage musical songs. "Frank's Wild Years," "The Black Rider." "Alice" and "Blood Money" have some of Wait's best songs and sound/feel no different from his other albums. 

If 3-4 albums of stage musical songs is too much, he could do, at least, ONE album of his mixed musical songs, cherry-picking the songs from his various shows best suited for him to present as a solo album which also sit/flow well together as an album. 

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