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Hello, I'm new here, having registered for the sole purpose of asking . . . this question.

I discovered Crowded House about a year and a half ago, and like any fan of good music would I became addicted rather quickly. I bought Crowded House CDs, I bought Neil Finn CDs, but I could never develop an interest in Tim Finn. I consider the Finn Brothers CD the weakest link of my Crowdie collection, with the strongest song on that album being "Last Day of June"--the one written solely by Neil. I've never been able to get into Split Enz, either. I've listened to audio clips for both recent Tim albums, and some for Split Enz's "True Colours," but nothing has appealed to me. From what I have read, though, I suspect that I might enjoy Tim Finn's self-titled album, or some other early work. And I think "Time and Tide" may be more up my alley than "True Colours." However, I do not take a chance on a CD unless I've heard audio clips, and alas, none seem to be available.

My, it takes a while for me to ask a question. Is there anywhere I might be able to find audio clips for "Tim Finn" and "Time and Tide?"

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I've never found clips to be a good way of getting to know and album. For one thing, you're getting 30 second snippets of a song -- a bit of a verse here, or a bit of a chorus. Is that enough to make a decision? And secondly, the sound quality is usually awful too, making what is a fantastic song sound like mud.

May I suggest you just take the plunge and pick up a copy of TIME & TIDE or TIM FINN? Or if you really have to, use a file-sharing program like WinMX and see what's out there?
20/30 second sound grabs of each Enz song on the Discography area of the Split Enz DVD.
Covers just about all the Split Enz albums.
Not sure if that helps but it gives you a chance to have a small sample of the Enz.

p.s. Tim Finn/Tim Finn is superb but you may have a problem finding a copy as it is delated almost's worth a leap of faith if you see a second hand copy.
DELETED!? Eeker Eeker Eeker NOOOOOOO!

That's a travesty of the highest order.

Makes me very thankful it's one of the few Enz-related things I have bought on both CD and (by now, probably depleted) cassette tape.

(But before you ask, Comp, both of them are in storage on the other side of the world from where I am right now, so no, I can't sell you my spare copy, unfortunately...)
Thank you all for your help. For me, the thirty-second sound clips have always, always come in handy, and I very rarely take a risk on a CD without them. (See, if I like the clips, the CD makes it to my list. If I particularly want it it becomes a priority. Once it's a priority I may buy it, if it's at a good price.) For the most part, the only times I am willing to buy without the audio previews are if I am certain the artist will deliver (as with Neil Finn or Crowded House) or if the album is exceptionally rare--as with this one, actually. So if I happen to stumble upon it I may buy it, but considering that I'm an American that's rather unlikely. But thanks for the help anyway, and if you do happen to come across some clips, any clips, please tell me.

Just an update, because I know you were all terribly worried about my search for sound clips.

I finally managed to find clips of the self-titled album on a New Zealand music site. Not many, just three, but that actually turned out to be enough. Unlike with any other Tim Finn clips I had managed to find in the past (for his most recent albums, and whole songs from his site), I am suitably impressed, and the Tim Finn album is on my list.

Thanks again for your help!


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