Sadly not that I know of. Aside from a few things on the rarities CD through the club, the only thing associated with a musical or play with words was the CD available at some performances of Poor Boy (I bought mine in Sydney, I don't recall seeing it by the time they made it to Melbourne with a new cast), which was largely reworkings of familiar tracks:

Track Title

Poor Boy [Instrumental]

Poor Boy

Into the Water

Ghost Girl

Underwater Mountain

Out of this World

Not Even Close

In A Minor Key

Astounding Moon


Walking Through The Ruins

I Hope I Never


Poor Boy [Instrumental]

Poor Boy [alt version]

Sugar Mouse posted:

I see that Tim recently released The Fiery Maze and I also see online that Tim has written several other musicals and operas such as Ladies in Black and Star Navigator. Are those others available anywhere?

I'm not familiar with Star Navigator, but there are some clips of Ladies in Black, and White Cloud on Youtube. Better than nothing, I suppose.

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