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Happy to confirm that Tim is indeed playing London-Bush Hall on Sunday 12th July.

Tickets via ticketmaster and Live Nation.

Those club members on the VIP email - the Pre-sale link will be included on that for you.  (It's the same VIP email that has the 2x Neil Finn Melb/Sydney Pre-sales on it)... so that is going out tonight. (The Gig Poster is on Frenzdotcom twitter in a  second..)

Enjoy the show everyone, I know it's a rare treat that Tim manages to get to the UK!

At this stage it is the only show I have listed for him.


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Presale starts in 4 hours, 9 minutes!  Other ticket sales for the Tim Finn gig below:


Onsale Dates and Times
  • APR15WED

    Fanclub Presale 

    09:00 Local Time

    Ends Fri, April 17, 2015 at 08:00 Local Time

  • APR15WED

    O2 Presale 

    09:00 Local Time

    Ends Fri, April 17, 2015 at 08:00 Local Time

  • APR16THU

    Live Nation Presale 

    09:00 Local Time

    Ends Fri, April 17, 2015 at 08:00 Local Time

  • APR17FRI

    General public onsale 

    09:00 Local Time

Originally Posted by gryphon:

Those club members on the VIP email - the Pre-sale link will be included on that for you.  (It's the same VIP email that has the 2x Neil Finn Melb/Sydney Pre-sales on it)... so that is going out tonight. 



Anyone got this email with pre-sale link yet?  Just over an hour to go and my inbox is empty. I'm sure Peter is on to it but I don't entirely trust my machine.

Oh dear Peter - hope I didn't imply any criticism - that's the last thing I had in mind, I assure you (I am in awe of the way you look after us).


Anyway, all sorted, as someone in this household has an O2 account so has dived in and got tix.


Thankyou Peter for the alert.  I decided not to go to the last London show and subsequently regretted it, so looking forward to this one hugely 

Can I please, please ask for a review from anyone lucky enough to be attending?  I saw him at the Finn Brothers show in Auckland in Feb, but a Tim solo show is special .  I hope everyone has a great time, and enjoys themselves immensely.  If its going to be a Frenz stacked show, I think he should get a big Frenz welcome!!


I've also bought tickets. I can't remember the last time I saw Tim. I've no idea what the concert will be like: acoustic solo, band, reinventing himself as a punk rocker, but I'll find out.


EDIT: Last saw Tim at the Finn Bros. show in Regents Park, I think. Maybe. EDIT: Ah, Finn Brothers in the Albert hall might have been later. 

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My daughter is now unable to go to this (got herself a summer job), so I have a spare ticket.  The Bush Hall Box Office site tells me it's sold out so hopefully I can pass this on to a good home .  Cost price of course - need to check but I think it's about £18 plus fee.  Please send PM if interested.  I'm posting this in the For Sale forum too.

That was a real treat. Lovely to hear a bunch of Enz, Brothers and CH songs that rarely get played in the UK these days.  Only Tim on stage, most of the set on piano, perhaps 6 or 7 songs total on acoustic guitar. He's in good voice and clearly appreciated the enthusiastic songalongs from the crowd. I won't attempt to list the full setlist now but my own highlights included Luckiest Man Alive, Many's The Time. Stuff and Nonsense and Parihaka. Hope we don't have so long a wait till the next London show from Tim :-)

What a great gig! Tim messing up on Stuff and Nonsense, the audience helped him out. Persuasion was great too, huge singalong, as there were throughout the night. Great audience, more enthousiastic than the Dutch, I don't know if that's the case always? Well worth the trip from Holland! Setlist: Winterlight Subway Dreaming How will you go Many's the time Luckiest man alive Edible flowers What you've done Maybe Dirty creature Persuasion Stuff and nonsense Parihaka More fool me Wild sweet children Made my day .....(made a picture of the setlist, can't read it) Poor boy Dead man Weather with you And six months in a leaky boat!!

It was a long haul for us down to London and back, but Tim made it all worth while. Great list of songs, old and new. Dirty Creature was my favourite for the night with the audience clapping along. 


The support act was Alice Phoebe Lou a South African singer who currently plays as a street musician in Berlin where she lives. Her songs and singing style are similar to Tiny Ruins, although I'd say that APL is still developing as an artist and possibly her songs could be a bit more memorable. However, I've only heard her once, and perhaps if I listened more they would stick a bit more. Some songs can be heard here, including Rebel Rose which was played last night. (I can't remember if the other songs were played.)

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What a great night . What a rich sound tim makes and a great voice. Fab to hear some old enz stuff.  The tale about him and Neil playing a song for Richard Finn each week at the snooker club was lovely - he always wants better be home soon from Neil and manys the time from tim !  I have some nice photos - how can you post them on here from ipad or iphone ?

Well, I thought that was a great evening.  I confess I know next to nothing about Tim's solo stuff, but wanted to go because I knew I would regret it if I didn't (particularly in view of the speculation that he may not come back to the UK after this), and out of curiosity.


I confess also that I didn't have particularly high expectations of the evening either - for which I now apologise both to the artist and to the legions of his devotees.  I suppose I have attached disproportionate significance to reports of Tim's sometimes less-than-engaged relationship with the audience, and of those occasions when his voice has let him down rather.  So there's a lesson for me: go and find out for yourself and don't be too influenced by second-hand opinions.


Tim was in excellent form and really seemed to be having a good time, smiling and engaging with the audience, and in excellent singing voice.  There was a great, positive and collaborative vibe in the whole place.  Nice mix of solo, Brothers, Woodface and Enz stuff too.  So glad I went.


Bush Hall: please do something about your ventilation!!!!!!  I think we were down to about 4% oxygen by the time the gig finished - though humidity must have been at 100% even before anything started.  I really hope that the woman who fainted shortly after the start recovered quickly and was able to stay on.


There are a couple of clips up on Youtube - if the posters are here, thankyou 

Now I’ve had the chance to recover from coming home in the early hours of Monday and then getting up again and doing a full day at work, I thought I’d share my thoughts about Tim’s Bush Hall gig.

I never thought I would see Tim perform solo, mainly because his solo gigs are so rare, but also because I have always been unlucky enough to miss the chances. And this time was no different, I missed all the ticket sales and I thought my luck was out, until Lydia advertised two spare tix on the forum.  So thank you Lydia.

I genuinely didn't know what to expect, I had never been to Bush Hall before but it's a beautiful space, chandeliers, a beautiful plaster work ceiling, antique mirrors along the walls, great acoustics. I agree with Vicarious, it was stuffy in there, but it's unusual to find a music venue with a floor clean enough that people felt they could sit on it!

Tim was the true star of the night! Although I knew most of the music I didn't know what to expect from Tim, however, I know Tim isn't Neil, I know he does things in his own way. So there was less chat and audience interaction, but nevertheless Tim was gracious, friendly and most importantly he used the music to play the audience.

And what a music extravaganza it was! Starting with the beautiful Winter's Light, Tim used the music to the mix the atmosphere, at times the audience were transfixed by the highly original arrangements of such songs as Subway Dreaming, Many’s the time, Parihaka and a very impressive vocal on Edible Flowers. At other times he turned the atmosphere into a singing, clapping party with rockin’ versions of Persuasion, Six months in a leaky boat, Poor boy, a glorious Stuff and Nonsense and the oddest, funniest and most original piano rock version of WWY.

For a one and a half hour set he packed a lot in, there were a few witty anecdotes and a couple of fun musical cock ups but Tim largely decided to let the music do the talking.  The music was an impressive mix, interestingly, he played songs I didn't really like in way that made me like them.  Two examples of this were Made my Day and What you've done.  Hearing these has made me want to hear more varied versions of Tim materials. I thought the acoustic versions of the songs from Feeding the Gods were particularly enjoyable (and FTG isn't one of my preferred Tim albums).

If anyone has a full set list could they post it please, I was too overwhelmed to keep track.

I left the gig with a renewed and improved respect for Tim and his music.  Tim and I have had a bumpy ride, musically, over the years, but now I am pleased I went and consider myself a committed Tim Finn fan

Fantastic to see Tim again after a while, and it was a superb solo performance, moving from piano to guitar and back again. Particularly enjoyed 'Many's the Time', 'Maybe' and 'More Fool Me'.


Bush Hall was very very warm. I saw that the lady who fainted during 'Edible Flowers' returned a bit later on, so hopefully she was feeling better and managed to enjoy the rest of the gig. I don't know how Tim kept going with such energy in that heat! 


Here's the setlist:-


And my other pictures:-

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I was reading about artists making more money from concerts these days. I was curious how much money Tim might have made from the Bush hall concert. I see that it costs £950 + VAT to hire the hall on a weekend. I can't remember how much the tickets were, but after fees etc. let's say that the net ticket price was £20. It would then have taken 57 people to pay for the hall. I'd guesstimate that there were hundreds there. So, it would have been a useful earner for Tim, but of course he had his travel and accommodation costs. Piano hire? Sound engineer? 


EDIT: Just in case anyone's wondering, I'm very happy for Tim to make a profit on his shows. He thoroughly deserves it. 

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