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Have added a bit more information to the Tim Finn NEWS board

Couldn't Be Done is expected in stores in Australia/ NZ around 23rd September. As soon as we have a confirmed UK store date I will post it on the NEWS board (expect the track listing soon too).

The really good news is that the 7 track bonus will now be a DVD (not a cd as originally planned) so some of the Imaginary Kingdom cds will have this at Aust/NZ stores.

I've asked Tim for any USA info... so am hoping to have some news soon (hope it's good news) as far as the USA goes.

The clip should be shown on TV from August 28th
so all your TF fans we'll be asking you to request it on areas like Rage etc.

So the wheels are starting to turn faster and faster etc......

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Yeah, I wonder if JB HiFi or Leading Edge Music will be selling these "bonus packs"?

Or even Sanity, but since they don't use the Aria charts anymore, anything bought through them won't count towards the overall album/singles sales totals.

I'm restricted to Leading Edge, Sanity and Kmart locally, so I wouldn't like to hang all my hopes on being able to buy them over the counter here.

Well there's no reason why it couldn't be just as big a hit as EIH - it was a No.1 album after all - but something tells me it will be a rocket fueled hit. That is, big sales from fans in the first week then a plummet to ground in the forthcoming weeks.

That's the way the charts are these days. It's just irritating when people like James Blunt can hang around for a while or Shakira's horrible "Hips Don't Lie" can spend 8 weeks at No.1. Somehow with the current musical climate I fear Tim would be lucky to get 8 weeks in the Top 50.
7 Track Bonus!! Eeker
Yes please.
It's the 24th so this should be out now right?
It's late night shopping in downtown Sydney tonight, so i might pop into my local Megastore to see what's filed under "F" in the New Releases section. Unfortuantely i don't get paid until tomorrow, so i might have to hide it in amongst the Shakira albums. Oops, i probably shouldn't have mentioned that fact. Oh well. Big Grin

Yulia??!! What the...?
Well not these days. Although if Countdown comes back, i might, you know....
Erm, thanks for that Camus. It's um, still only August. Red Face Ok, move along folks, nothing to see here. You'll be glad to know that i do know what day it is though. Yes, it's one day less till the new release of Timbo's album.
I didn't come down in the last shower, no siree.
still......not long now, eah. Smiler

dum de dum de dum de do, *nonchalant whistle*
Originally posted by Camus:Time For A Change has got me intrigued what with Mike Chunn playing guitar on it (presumably something akin to the original demo fo Time For A Change?).

Mike & Tim both emailed me a month or so ago and asked if I was able to record Mike's guitar in a studio here at RNZ. Are you kidding? Of course! Sadly, in the end my schedule didn't fit in with Tim's and they recorded it elsewhere. Ah well. Would have been a real buzz for me. (Maybe I'll get to work on Phil's version one day!)
I used to muck about with a sampler, guitar & bass in the late '80s and early '90s. Couldn't play anything properly - just recorded bar by bar on analogue 4-track and 8-track home studio. Examples of work done in that studio set-up by me (very silly stuff) and friends (less silly) at (click on "music videos") or

Back to the topic at hand...

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