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Please pretty please - hoping someone can help! I would dearly love to go to one of the Zoo Twilights shows in Melbourne on 23, 24 and 25 February 2018 - I'll take any date! Would prefer to get two tickets so I can bring someone with me and not feel like such a loner, but if one is all I can get, I'll take it. I'm trying to do a better job of finding out when my favourite artists are touring *before* tickets go on sale, but missed the boat on this one and I'm heartbroken.


Thanks in advance!

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Good luck, Trish. I've seen Finns as a loner before, but I never felt alone once the show began, eyes locked on the stage.  Have met and made Frenz there too. Maybe there will be a spare ticket at will call for you at the last minute. Fingers crossed.

I wish they would play some smaller towns in my region one day! We have a very historic, renovated, vaudeville (with an actual, "colored-person" entrance– not used anymore) theatre called the Lyric, here in Birmingham AL, so if the good Mr. Finn reads this, I hope he will investigate!

Good will, great voice, and happy vibes, to all the lucky Finn show-goers! 

c.houser posted:

Maybe there will be a spare ticket at will call for you at the last minute. Fingers crossed.

I'm expecting there will be a better chance of getting a ticket closer to the day as things do tend to pop up at the last minute, but the sooner I can secure a ticket, the better - fingers, toes, and every hair crossed that someone has a spare! 🙏

Trish posted:

I've looked at the visitor posts and not much action there as I suspected; in my experience, groups are a lot better for fan interaction. Thanks heaps for the link to the competition, I'll have to try to come up with something creative, but what to say in 25 words or less...! 🤔

Trish there's someone selling tickets to the riverboat festival in Echuca. Would you be interested?

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