I thought Matt was quite good on the webcast. It seems he's still getting to know the older songs especially, and has yet to personalize his playing for them...as someone else said, he's sticking to the standard beat a lot of the time. But that could be due to many factors; maybe he was a bit nervous, or just playing it safe for his first performance with the band, which might be smart.

I noticed he had a damping ring on his snare, which gave it a kind of muted punchy sound. Maybe this was done because the setting was intimate and small. In general I'm curious how Matt will sound in a big festival setting, when he has more license to let loose, dig in, and just play *louder* and with more intensity. The chorus of "When You Come," for example, seemed a little polite on the webcast.

I guess that word applies to much of what I heard last night...his playing was a little polite in general. He did seem to be enjoying himself though, and really, he's only been with the band a few weeks at this point.

The band as a whole certainly sounded good with Matt on the drums, and I look forward to hearing him on tour in the US, when he's had plenty chance to sink into his role.
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matt sounded great, excellent and a first gig too. i imagine he must have been very nervous doing this

good on you matt!
I agree about the setting really influencing how he played. The songs sounded intimate, which is entirely appropriate for such an intimate setting! Smiler

I look forward to Matt cutting loose on the toms sometime--I realized last night that I really hear the toms as an integral part of the CH sound.
From what I could hear of Matt's drumming (when I could hear it Roll Eyes I swear as soon as I can afford it, I'm going Broadband) he sounded great.

I reckon that he would've been nervous, being his very first public performance with Crowded House. Especially with the knee-jerk reaction from some fans: "No Paul... No Crowded House!" I imagine that he proberly thought every fan watching the webcast was judging him and sizing his style and techinque up to Paul's. IF THAT WAS HOW HE FELT, THAT WASN'T SO MATT! This fan didn't send in a comment welcoming Matt Sherrod to the Crowded House family for nothing! Eeker Wink
The general consensus amongst my mates (we all watched the webcast from various parts of the UK) is that Matt is one damm fine kick ass drummer. Get him in a real gig and he's going to knock yer socks off!
He was Beck's drummer. That's MORE than good enough for me. And as I said elsewhere, my only other CH gig to date was minus Paul, and they were amazing!
As a drummer myself, I natuarlly tend to listen out for the drums whatever I'm listening to. I was really impressed with Matt. His playing was pretty understated, but he cut loose when the song called for it. (check out the fill towards the end of Silent House)

From exeperience, it can take a few gigs to fully integrate with a new band. Think about it this way - Matt has been in the band for how long? a maximum of 6 weeks?? and with the amount of time they have been in the studio recording new stuff, he's probably had a maximium of 2/3 wks to rehearse something like 35 songs (according to JW's blog), so he's got a long way to go towards learning them yet.

So, when they get out on the road in October, I predict we will see an even better, more confident Matt. The fact it was a very public first gig, with people and cameras all around and above him, may have made him more nervous - it would have done me! Drummers like nothing better than the dark corner of a stage to hide in!
Sounded fine to me. Interesting that he used a secondary snare for the brushwork. Something that he's obviously thought a lot about.
Originally posted by Davoiii:
What did all the drum nuts think of Matt's brushwork on Four Seasons??

He did it better than anyone else I've heard since Paul Hester - Better than Peter Jones, any of Neil's drummers, and even whichever Stacey brother was behind the kit for Finn Bros (I forget which one is which). I felt it was played with care and the playing was sympathetic to the vibe of the song.

Where I was really pleasantly suprised with was Matt's playing on "Weather With You". I think Rikki Fataar played on the recording, and I always felt Paulo played it a little hard. Matt seemed to play it softer, which really suited the song for me.
Matt SHerrod was GREAT! Totally in the pocket and totally listening (e.g., When You Come) - nothing too fancy but wait and see!! I think Nick already quite enjoys playing with him. The foundation of the band the rhythm section is... and I think Nick and Matt will be as sollid as they come. Smiler
Just listened again to "Silent House" from the webcast. I really liked Matt's playing there; I think that when he gets the older stuff into his blood, he's going to be fantastic.
Matt sounded superb at Thekla. I'm no drummer, but he sounded confident, accurate yet loose (if you get my meaning). And he sounded like he'd really worked on it since the webcast. Love You Til The Day I Die had come on in leaps and bounds.

I really think they've picked a gem. Maybe he won't have the same stage presence as Hessie - but then who would? - but he certainly seems to have the right vibe for this music.

My only concern is that he appears to still have commitments to Beck - the Thekla gig was scheduled around his work with Beck. That means he's not really OUR drummer - we're sharing him. There's no reason why this shouldn't work but it still leaves open the possibility that CH will have to fit in around Beck or that he may find that two competing demands proves too much...
I thought Matt sounded great at the Thekla - technically adept, and he served the songs very well. I've got the feeling that the band have put a lot of careful consideration into choosing a really good drummer.

It probably helps that he's into the music too, from what I hear (apparently he requested that the band close with Mean to Me, on Monday.)

I can't imagine that commitments with Beck will take priority over Crowded House. Beck is a big solo artist, but Matt is in a band now and a damn good one at that. All things being well, I think we'll see him for many years to come.

If matt is still playing with beck won't there be a problem when both acts start booking more gigs in the us during summer. I can see a double booking for matt coming up for sure!
Conidering they auditioned worldwide why would they pick someone still committed to another artist or is he going to make "crowded house" his priority or "beck" or is he a session player/producer solution for now and will they have to find another drummer when matt is playing with beck. It could get complicated very quickly.
I got the impression that he was mostly committed to Crowded House, think that he will probably have to choose eventually and I reckon that the Crowdies will win out. But his drumming was spot on at the Thekla.
I didn't think they would have given the gig to someone who still has committments to another artist. Why do you think he is mostly committed to the crowdies. Scheduling their first gig in over a decade to accommidate the new guy because of other band committments seems unbelievable to me if indeed that is the case.
I'm sure they would have plan b,c,and d in case what I've raised(and i've seen it happen to many acts sharing the same personnel before) does happen.
perhaps matt had a few remaining commitments to beck when he got the crowdies gig that he had to honour.could PG shed any light on the matter - this guy is a great drummer for the crowdies.would hate to lose him after just finding him!
I guess he could be finishing up committments he had with beck but I would be amazed if he was contimplating doing both....very brave but I'll assume they have it sorted!

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