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Was thinking about going down to a record store today and it made me think that I have absolutely zero of the remastered Split Enz CDs.  Of course I have the 1992 (?) boxed sets so I have all the original recordings, anyway.

This got me thinking, maybe someone would be interested in buying my boxed sets? (And I could then finance purchasing the remasters.)  The only problem is that I don't know what they originally cost so I am not sure how to arrange sale here on the forum - I gather that's the rule.

FWIW my silver boxed set is signed by Noel and Nigel, and my gold boxed set booklet has a paper insert signed by the Tim/Neil/Eddie/Noel/Nigel. 

Also if you think I'm crazy to think of selling them tell me why   Like if the remasters aren't worth it or anything. 

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I won’t say you are crazy, but ... There are a couple of tracks on rear enz and odz and enz that have not been remastered.  Firedrill, or jolted for example are exclusive to the boxstet.



It’s a matter of personal taste, but you might prefer the sound of the originals, which are less compressed than the remasters.

Oh, I kept rips of the original CDs. I'm not crazy! But in general, I do find the remasters sound better... by a lot. I think the original CD mastering process left a lot to be desired. 

The ones worth keeping are Oddz and Enz and Rear Enz as most of that has not been re-released anywhere. Frenzy and Coroborree were remixed.

Personally, I like the overall tone of the remasters and some of the remixing, especially the Frenzy album, is far superior to the originals, but the whole thing is let down by the OTT compression. It utterly spoils what would otherwise have been a very worthy exercise.

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