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I know we're not technically supposed to talk about politics, but I hope this one can slide because it's more of an announcement....

Official election results HERE...

I won my 2-year Edgewood Council seat over Andrea Rockovich (the lady who resigned), 451 votes to 400 votes. Because Andrea resigned with two months to go on her term, Council will be swearing me in at 7:30pm tonight, to complete Andrea's term before beginning my own 2-year term in January. I'm now an elected official, and I will be completing my "Introduction to Municipal Government" certification class in January.

So begins my insidious plot to take over the world (hysterical laughter is indicated). Can I just say, um....HOLY CRAP????? (Scratches head and wonders how many of the 451 people know they've just elected an outspoken leftist pregnant hippie with no degree but a staggering reserve of 80's trivia at her disposal...) I really hope I know what I'm doing....
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GO HEIDI!!!!!!! do you have ANY clue how auspicious this is???? you will accomplish amazing things You are such a goddess do you have any idea? I know you'll do us all proud. I'm glad someone in the world is in a political office who is not only well-intentioned but is strong enough to stand by her ideals and truly do her best. It gives me just a little more faith in the world. I'll be thinking of you this afternoon during the eclipse. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Congratulations! To do well, I think you should give staff the benefit of the doubt. Every county and city employee I know works really hard and is proud of their job, and it's really painful to have somebody in who's run on a platform of "there's all this waste and inefficiency and anybody who collects a paycheck is the enemy" In fact, staff will probably be a great source of suggestions for streamlining and economy. Trust them, and they'll support you totally in making a positive difference in your community - you go!
Well, I've already ruffled a few feathers...

Coca-Cola offered to "give" our recreational field a new electronic scoreboard in exchange for logo and a whole lot of other contractual hoo-hah. Before I came onto Council, they were split 3-3 over whether to accept it. If it were a small business that's in our neighborhood and invested in it, doing it to be a good neighbor, that'd be one thing. But this thing smacks of "our neighborhood is for sale." I'd be happy to work with the rec folks to find another way to pay for it (and donate generously myself), a way that would make our whole neighborhood proud to know that we did it OURSELVES without selling ourselves out to some big mega-corporation. So when they put it up for re-vote, I'll have tilted it...(now they all KNOW I'm a hippie...)

Also, they're about to pass a new ordinance to deal with abandoned cars. In the definitions of abandoned car, they said one of the criteria is an expired inspection sticker...which means that anyone whose car is parked on the street could get their car towed as abandoned bsaed on the fact that their inspection sticker expired. Granted, that's not the intention, or how they intend to use the law, but that's one interpretation of what it actually says. So I proposed a different way of saying the same thing that would protect people whose only real crime is forgetting to renew their inspection sticker. (Anyone wanna guess when mine expired?) lolol...

Anyway...I'm not going to post all kinds of Council business here all the time from now on...I just thought it might be interesting for people to see that I'm already trying to tweak little stuff. Smiler I may yet figure this out, even though it's going to be the world's biggest time drain my life has ever seen....
Uh..YEAH! I am very interested in what you deal with. I am interested to see if what you put up with with is any different than what we have to deal with here. Good for you ruffling feathers. and it's good to have a perspective of someone who is an elected official from the point of view of what they is really thinking and not the official image they put out there for the media. I mean, you certainly don't have to mince words with us. Yes you are 1 person but 1 person can give a whole lot of insight! (and more! ) and maybe those of who are critical of our city councils (ahem! guilty! : Roll Eyes ) may get a little more compassion for what you run up against. and compassion and prespective are always good things to get.
OK, if you're *not* one of those couple of people who said they'd be interested to follow my antics in Borough Council, please disregard. Wink

On my website today, I added a page that lists my voting record and explains to interested parties and constituents why I vote the way I do during Council sessions, gives people an idea of what kind of stuff I do there, and acts as a diary for my personal assurance that after the mega-hours I'm putting in, I'm accomplishing something.

Also, I have a new weekly column appearing in the New Pittsburgh Courier Online, called "My Side of the Table," which is a weekly "humor essay type" series chronicling my trek through the world of municipal politics from the time I decide to run, and going forward. To access the column on the linked page, type "Heidi McDonald" into their search engine, and you'll see the various chapters of the column. It's up to chapter 3 at this point.

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