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Something I have been wondering for a while is the quote from McCartney where he states that Neil/Tim are the greatest songwriters.

Can anyone cite where this comes from as there seems to be no consistency as to its origins.

The other version is that when asked how does it feel to be the greatest songwriter, he replied "I don't know, you would have to ask Neil and Tim Finn.

These types of things have a tendency to turn into Chinese Whispers and become mythologised. Considering a variant of this praise is wheeled out every time Neil does press I thought it would be interesting to bring it up.

Anyone know?
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There's a few threads on here lurking around about the same subject, within them a few links to where 'what Macca said' has been re-quoted as what was apparently quoted' but most threads just end up in it being decided it was something the fans apparently made up rather than something Macca said


I've never met the man so I've not been able to ask him myself so I have no idea if it is b.s. or not 

Wasn't there also a quote in regards to George Harrison, which mentioned CH playing the kind of songs the Beatles would be doing if still together (Now we're getting somewhere?)


I was a big fan of the fab four long ago. Where I was working, a customer heard the music playing and laid onto me a new group who was "better and carrying on the same kind of musicianship." I was incredulous. Yet this fellow I barely knew was loaning me his Crowded House cassettes.  Wish I could thank him today.

There is also some talk on the internet that John Lennon once mentioned that he thought that Split Enz was a great new band.  I highly doubt that this ever happened.  Unless someone can find the interview I would also put that down to an urban legend.

I would put the quote itself from Paul McCartney down to rumour. 


It came up in an interview once and when it was mentioned to Neil Finn, he started to laugh. Although at first, Neil Finn mucked around with his response he eventually admitted that he himself had NEVER heard anything of that rumour directly, but he and Macca HAD met on occasion & Neil Finn could confirm that Macca did appear to like some of the musical things Neil Finn had done.


All that did was confirm that Paul McCartney IS a fan of Neil Finn's BUT I have NEVER come across anything of this from the man himself from any reliable source.

I've always thought of Crowded House as the antipodean Beatles.It's really how I origionaly got in to them.


Around circa 1995 did Neil not once in an interview give credence to a rumour going around that he may work with the surviving Beatles - or did I dream this ?!


Still an oppurtunity for some nice Guitar, Bass and Drums


Would LOVE Neil and Paul to do something together...

stuartjb posted:

Around circa 1995 did Neil not once in an interview give credence to a rumour going around that he may work with the surviving Beatles - or did I dream this ?!


I heard from a reliable source within the circle of the band that this was true, but Neil turned it down. 

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