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So, this laminated list got me to another idea.
It's the same kind of list but with the opposite issue.
So which celeb would you never ever hook up if you meet'em?
Even you're life would depend on it. This celeb is so dislikable for you, that even if he/she would be the only men/women on earth you rather would kiss an orangutan than him to save the human population.

So here is my list:

#1 Steven Seagal - could someone be more ?

#2 Burt Reynolds - nooo way, never ever brrrr

#3 Enrique Iglesias - I'll never understand that girls go crazy about him Confused to quote Neil Finn :If anyone can tell....

#4 Mel Gibson - this guy got 7 children, doesn't he have any hobbies Confused

#5 Tom Cruise - Actually I never liked his nose, and he seems so arrogant to me.

This list changes everytime cause there are a lot of celebs of that sort out there, don't ya think?
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Here's mine:

Mel Gibson, Mel Gibson, Mel Gibson. YUK!


Ben Affleck

Tom Cruise (what is the fascination there?)

Steven Seagal (that greasy pony-tail makes my skin crawl)

And even though I'm not into girls, the following women would be on my anti-list if I were:

Celine Dion

Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Jennifer Lopez

Pamela Anderson
Hopefully no one will be too offended by this - I do intend this to be slightly tongue-in-cheek! Wink

1.Matthew McConaughey: maybe you think I'm crazy(my friends do - they worship him! )...I used to actually like him (he's awesome in Dazed and Confused )but for some reason, I really think he's creepy now, not sure why. I don't think he is all that great an actor either...
2.Tom Cruise: I so agree, what is the fascination with him? So-so actor again. He smiles too much...the only justification for Tom Cruise to be on the earth is Ben Stiller's impersonation of him.
I'll put some women too..
3.Angelina Jolie: icky! so many men and women are hot for her, I guess if you like that kind of weird-neurotic-brother-billy-bob tattoo-etc, etc kind of thing that she has going on...she's all yours!
4.Winona Rider: She annoyed me way before her trouble with the law thing. She's a smart girl but for some reason needs to come across in interviews like a scared little girl, unfortunately, men seem to love that sort of thing - I don't get it!
5.Jennifer Love-Hewitt: No talent, and hideous. I will probably be censored if I said what I really think of her so I will just leave it there...
6.Enrique Iglesias: have to put another vote in for him. Not attractive at all, his voice sounds like a cat that's been kicked.
7.Britney Spears: Is her 15 minutes over yet??? Please!!!???
8.Bennifer: Could they be any more shamelessly attention hungry - they even have nick-name for their hyped-up-media-event-publicity-stunt relationship.

aaahhhh.....that was cathartic!
AGREE: Leonardo DiCrappio (about as much male magnetism as a eunuch), Justin Timberlake, and Matthew McConaughylwhhhuuuuuugggghhhh!

I agree ole Matt has about the nicest guy-hair I've ever seen...BUT...the fact that at certain times, his facial expression looks too much like my creepy ex, and I can't stand the "drawl"...NO THANKS!

(And Mona...AGREE there, also! I know in real life he's all conservative and stuff, but I'd hardly be interested in having a CONVERSATION, knowwhatImean? Big Grin )

I'm kinda divided on Tom Cruise. I never thought he was hot at all until the Mission Impossible movies, and then I was like, whooo doggy! But at the same time I find him very attractive, his chemistry seems so off. I don't know if he's weird, or gay, or what...a "strange energy" thing.

I'm not quite as dead-set against Orlando Bloom as much as he does absolutely nothing for me whatsoever. Oddly, I think Russell Crowe is nothing short of HOT in Mystery, Alaska, but I can't seem to think so in any other respect, even when he's prancing around in a Gladiator outfit. Hmmm.
oh I knew I've forgotten some.
so let's go on

#6 Russel Crowe - A priest at a funeral seems to have mor humor then him.

#7 Leo di "I'm the king of the world" Caprio. I think "I'm the queen of the world" would match better for him.

#8 Michael "hello I love you all *wink wink*" Jackson - Mulder was right, there are aliens on earth and they wanna damage us.

#9 Ben Afflek and Matt Damon - Are this guys twins? Both are the biggest disaster of the filmindustry since Ed Wood.

#10 David Hasselhoff (another David for you Heidi Wink ) - no words to say about him.

... I'm gonna have to enlarge this list... be continued...
OK... all great choices here, but I have to TOTALLY agree with the Tom Cruise votes.

Actually... I kinda liked him until he dumped Nicole. Amazing how he went from Australia's favourite son-in-law to down-and-out-despised overnight. Wink

Come to think of it, Penelope Cruz would be on my anti-list of girls, too...

Nice to see that no-one has nominated John Cusack (who is definitely on the real laminated list of more than a few of us here, I know!). Of course, now that I've said that.... Big Grin

waits patiently for the first dissenter Razzer
WOW....I'm mostly agreeing with everything here! Here's some more:

KEVIN BACON - he reminds me of the ugly doctors in that old Twilight Zone episode "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder". Seriously, his looks frighten me!

David Schwimmer - reminds me of an ex-boyfriend. And who wants to be reminded of THAT???

I'll TOTALLY agree with the triple-threat of Seagal/Cruise/Gibson .....yuck-OLA.

I used to not like Matthew McConaughey, until I found a police report on-line about him resisting arrest after being found dancing naked, VERY high, and playing the bongos in his house! NOW I like him!

Oh yeah, and that Colin Farrell guy....EWWW. Reminds me of ANOTHER ex! lol


Kate Hudson -- Untalented,ditzy,flat chested and just too damn skinny.Bleh.

Julia Roberts -- Mouth like a horse,always looks dirty,smiles too freaking much and wayyyyy overrated.Wouldn't touch her if ya paid me.

Jennifer Lopez -- Need I really say anything?

Celine Dion -- Am I the only one who realises she's actually an alien??

Britney/Christina -- No substance.Period.
Originally posted by boarderGurl:
I used to not like Matthew McConaughey, until I found a police report on-line about him resisting arrest after being found dancing naked, VERY high, and playing the bongos in his house! NOW I like him!
Me too, Gen! I started digging him after that myself. Big Grin

Agree with lots here...cracking up at some of these choices, like, does anyone actually dig Gary Busey or Ted Nugent? If so, would they admit it?

I'll go with:Ben Asslick,Matt Damon/Hillary Swank (they are the same person),Ethan Hawke (my pal Lisa says he looks like he would taste like dirt),Keith Richards,Andy Dick,Vin "Piltdown Man" Diesel,Nick Nolte & Carrot Top. Mad
There are just so many choices.... Frowner

Okay, here are a few random picks.

1) Pamela Anderson (Lee). Even if she didn't have hepatitis C, I'd shiver in revulsion at her silicone-on-a-stick looks and general air of tacky, worn-out sleaze.

2) Carmen Electra. See above. She doesn't look quite as worn out, but makes up for it with her unbelievably grating presence. I cringed every time she appeared on the Battlebots screen. Cheap, cheesy, and obnoxious.

1) Keith Richard. With all due respect to his musical gifts and historic importance, UGH, UGH, UGH. I don't sleep with the undead. Eeker

2) Woody Allen. That man gives me the creeps, and not just because of his cradle-robbing habits. And the nasal whining during sex would be just intolerable.

3) Michael Jackson. I don't think any explanation is required by now.

I will now go wash my hands multiple times... Wink

Originally posted by awamutu:
Originally posted by Sandra:
#4 Mel Gibson - this guy got 7 children, doesn't he have any hobbies Confused
that *is* his hobby Wink and i would love to share in it with him anyday Wink Wink
now we know who's to blame for the overpopulation on earth Big Grin

Keith Richard - yes you are all right actually he died years ago. But the Stones mummified him for the Buffy the vampire slayer show Big Grin

Baldwin - My personal opinion on them is, they are the result of a secret clon study which totally went wrong. Who knows how many Baldwin clons are hide in the underground ??By the way have you ever seen them all together at once? That's very spooky !!!

There is another one who just blew in my mind.
OK are you ready:

it's FABIO Eeker - please let this guy be a nightmare of mine.
Originally posted by wuntie:
Originally posted by boarderGurl:
I used to not like Matthew McConaughey, until I found a police report on-line about him resisting arrest after being found dancing naked, VERY high, and playing the bongos in his house! NOW I like him!
Me too, Gen! I started digging him after that myself. Big Grin [/qb]
Hmmmmm.....but see,to me that behavior is creepy and that's exactly what I'm talking about... creepy and weird - yeeks!!! Eeker
Jenn, he is decidedly creepy and weird, but I have a history of being strangely attracted to that. I happened to stumble across a current photo of one of my especially creepy ex'es (13 years ago, very mean, horrble guy) while surfing the net today. He is my honorary anti-laminated list hall of famer of the day. (Yes, this is mean of me, but you would not believe what he did to me.)
He he he Wuntie!!! Revenge is sweet!!

The strange thing is that I also think Vince Vaughn is kinda creepy and weird, but I like him... I guess it's just the degree of skin-crawling-ness. One is only slight tingles, while the other one is more of a oh-my-god-there-are-insects-crawling-all-over-my-body-get-them-off-of-me-now!!!! kinda feeling! Big Grin Big Grin Wink
I agree with almost all of these! One big exception: Kevin Spacey- LOVE him! And a couple others would be okay if they took showers (Brad Pitt), got haircuts (Russell Crowe), stopped drinking (Russell Crowe), wore better clothes (Russell Crowe). Hell, maybe if we just got Russell Crowe on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy he'd be in good shape! Razzer

I thought of another one: Micheal Bolton! ARGH!!!!! Even after the mullet-ectomy he's still creepy.

While we're on the mullet topic: Billy Ray Cyrus. Gack!

And if memory serves correctly, until recently Mel Gibson used to sport quite a glorious mullet! Wink Sorry Heidi dear, I'll stop with the Mel Bashing now! Big Grin If it makes you feel any better, the way you feel about Mel Gibson ("I don't like his personality but I wouldn't be in it for the conversation") is kinda how I feel about Vin Diesel.
Nicholas Cage.....hit very hard with the ugly stick

William Dafoe.....only his mother could love that face

Jack Nicholson.....Ugly old bloater

Mick Hucknall.....Proof that not all men mature like a good wine, looking at Mick is like drinking vinegar.

Any of the Rolling Stones (see reasons above)

The Gallagher brothers (Oasis)Thick and ugly
Originally posted by grace0418:
[qb]Hell, maybe if we just got Russell Crowe on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy he'd be in good shape! Razzer [/qb]
While we're talking about Queer Eye, keep Carson away from me! I know some of you ladies have a strange fascination with him, but I just say no.

Now Playing :Peter Murphy (on the other Laminated List) - Cuts You Up:
As of this moment, there's only one person on my VOMIT-TIL-U-DROP list...the freak that makes my skin crawl right off my old bones...


Mad He disgusts me on every, single level...I know the forum isn't to be used for political platforms, but as a Californian, I just HAD to say something or my spleen would burst! Mad

Hmmmm, I feel a bit better now...
Sandra, you've made Neil into a cute wee Irish leprechaun, complete with jig!

There are loads of celebs I wouldn't glance at twice but favourites for this list would include

Kid Rock - I just don't understand why he's popular

Jack Nicholson - Plain creepy

Mick Hucknall - Ewww

Robbie Williams - Sorry ladies I know some of you appreciate Mr Williams err... talent but he does nothing for me.

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