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Distinctive, sending shivers down my spine, making me swoon, number one ONLY could be...

NEIL FINN Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Next, distinctive, with some shivers (used to be more before Neil)...

Paul McCartney Big Grin

Distinctive voices that twitch my ears the right way, and can at times, cause shivers in their delivery of song...

John Lennon
Peter Gabriel
Elvis Costello
Jimi Hendrix
Janis Joplin
Tom Petty
David Byrne
Peter Garrett
Chris Isaac
Bruce Springsteen (although when I first heard him in the late 70's, I hated his voice. It grew on me.)
Neil Young
Linda Ronstadt
Aimee Mann
Stevie Nicks
Barbra Streisand
Neil Diamond (Have you seen "Saving Silverman"? Wink
Stevie Wonder
Chrissie Hynde
Joni Mitchell
Carly Simon
James Taylor
Carol King
Sheryl Crow
David Bowie
Elton John
Paul Simon
Eric Clapton
Phil Collins
Annie Lennox
George Harrison
Ringo Starr
Kurt Cobain
Dave Grohl
Serj Tankian
Billy Joel
Bette Midler
Pat Benatar
KD Lang
Ray Charles
Peter Salette
Jackson Browne
Joe Jackson
Van Morrison
Phoebe Snow
Donald Fagen
Robert Plant
Joe Crocker
Dolly Parton
Anne Wilson
Grace Slick (Although I don't care for her politics)
Phil Keaggy
Keith Green (He was a friend of mine and I miss him terribly - RIP)
Weird Al Yankovic (Okay, so he's not great on the ears, but he's funny! - and that makes up for it)

Voices that are distinctive, that I am learning to tolerate much more...
Elvis Presley (I'm sorry)
Eddie Vedder
Tim Finn (Please forgive me. I like him much better when he harmonizes, rather than singing lead vocal. Otherwise he's fine. Sometimes it feels like he's working too hard to hit some notes and that's what repels my audio sensibilities. I DO think he's talented.)

Voices that are distinctive, that don't do anything to me, one way or the other...
Ella Fistzgerald
Diana Ross

Voices, I'm not sure how I feel about them, they are just "interesting"...
Leon Redbone
Iggi Pop

Voices that are distinctive, that I can barely tolerate...
Mick Jagger
Johnny Cash
Willie Nelson
Wayne Newton
Richard Thompson (He almost was in the bottom category, but he's moving up.... slowly)

Voices that are distinctive, that I have no tolerance for, whatsoever...
Tiny Tim
Melissa Etheridge (I used to like her, but she's gotten on my nerves - BIG TIME!. She's a female Springsteen wannabe IMHO)

If I've forgotten someone, I'll just edit and add it. (So, if you actually care, you could check back.) These are voices that, if I hear them on the radio, they stand right out and I know, that's them ; whether I like them or not.

Kim Wink
Neil Finn
Tim Finn
Elvis Costello
Phil Collins
Peter Gabriel
Neil Young
Donald Fagen
Ann Wilson
Joni Mitchell
Brian Wilson
Bob Seger
James Taylor
Paul Rodgers
Jackson Browne
Neil Diamond
Janis Joplin
John Denver
(sorry, I keep adding to this list!)

Well, since other people have mentioned artist's that are not rock....
Willie Nelson - I adore him, so laid back mellow,
beautiful song interpreter
Kris Kristofferson - Very unique, great song
Waylon Jennings - Rest in peace...
Johnny Cash - Hello?
Hmmmm, just named the Highwayman too Smiler
Kenny Rogers - C'mon!!!
Conway Twitty - "Hello Darlin..'"
George Jones - "The Possum"
Sorry, my mom has been a huge influence on my musical taste, love Country & Western.
Other non-rock:
Ella Fitzgerald - my favorite singer of all time!
Sarah Vaughn - warm, rich "Sassy"
Mel Torme - "The Velvet Fog" many more I'm sure, I could go on. Ok, back under my rock now! Smiler
Remember's not your favourite vocalists I'm looking for, it's the most DISTINCTIVE. Who can you tell INSTANTLY when you hear a snippet of radio or while flicking through the TV channels? You might not even like might even hate them - for example I don't like Steve Winwood's voice but there's no mistaking who it is when you hear him.

Here's another name, although non-UK people will be unfamiliar with it - Ian Dury.
Originally posted by Kim Goldman:
[QB]Voices that are distinctive, that I am learning to tolerate much more...
Eddie Vedder
Tim Finn (Please forgive me. I like him much better when he harmonizes, rather than singing lead vocal. Otherwise he's fine.) [QB]
I LOVED the 7 Worlds Collide version of Tim & Eddie singing. I thought that sounded like absolute GOLD. I think there is too much emphasis on Tim Finn's singing. He's a great singer and good as at Neil kicks his ass and is PURE GENIUS. OK his voice is grainey, but how much more Macy Gray - she's horrible but she's famous and respected. It's just a matter of getting used to it.

Other distinctive voices in rock?

Abby Dobson (ex Leonrado's Bride} OZ
Kevin Mitchell (Jebediah) OZ
Fran Healey (Travis) SCOT
Alex Lloyd OZ
Originally posted by Anselm:
Remember's not your favourite vocalists I'm looking for, it's the most DISTINCTIVE. Who can you tell INSTANTLY when you hear a snippet of radio...
I do happen to think all of my favourite singers have distinctive voices. I read your very first posting and you listed your favourite singers and also mentioned that we should list singers that give you a "shivery feeling". All my favourite singers do. Singers I don't like would leave me with a nauseous feeling Wink
But, sorry if I misunderstood your original questions... Smiler
Fair point, you didn't misunderstand me, I'd forgotten that I'd listed MY favourite singers originally - so you were quite right to list yours! Red Face

I'd agree that mentioning people you dislike (however distinct) would be hard to do, although there are some really distinctive voices around today who just don't grab me at all. Look at Eddie Vedder - his voice seems to polarise people: we either seem to hate it or love it - no in-betweens. Personally I can't stand him, and not a big fan of either of the Finn brothers' singing voices (Shock! Horror!). Although their voices seem to FIT their songs in the way that other people's wouldn't...sorry if I'm confusing you.....

I think it's all very subjective...if you like an artist's music you're much more likely to think that they are distinctive.

So I accept your comments completely! Smiler

LOL @ SHEEP VOICES!!!!!! I regularly impersonate Stevie Nicks as a goat...

Anyhow...I noticed a few that I haven't seen yet, which for me are pretty unmistakable...Note that I don't necessarily LIKE all of these, but I'll admit their distinctiveness.

PHIL COLLINS. It's the pronunciation.
SIMON leBON. It's this little shriekything he does at the beginning of words.
JOHNNY CASH. Low, low, low...
TOM JONES. Completely and unrepentantly cheesy.
MICHAEL JACKSON. He has a sound.
RON SEXSMITH. The tremolo.
LYLE LOVETT. The sexiest rasp in music!
ROD STEWART. When rasp goes to extremes.
BOY GEORGE. A touch off key.

I agree with many, many I've seen here, including Macy Gray, Michael Stipe, Elvis...lots and lots. (Conversely, though, maybe we should start a thread about artists you've mistaken for other artists. I've almost NEVER been able to guess Beth Orton/Indigo Girls correctly! And I've been known to mistake Travis and Wilco, Sheryl Crow and Lisa Loeb.)

Don Henley...I LOVED the duet he did with Sheryl Crow on her was cheesy and poppy, but he was FLAWLESS and PERFECT! The way my husband put it: "Don Henley is about the only guy in music who can do a power ballad without sounding like a p***y..."

Wanda Jackson sang in the mid 1950's to early 1960's. She was an early rock and roll singer in every sense of the word. She was friend of Elvis, covered the songs he covered...but did it better. Rollins Stone described her as the only singer who did not sing from her voice, but sang from a particular part of the female anatomy. She has also been described as the most dangerous singer in early rock . In short, she was a party girl with a big voice, and a big attitude. There are several websites on her. You can hear her on:
Originally posted by awamutu:
Originally posted by Ghost_Girl:
[qb] Very definitely ... David Gray!
and Neil Tennant
Paul McCartney [/qb]
neil tennant did spring to my mind for a second but i then i remembered he always reminds me of the "year of the cat" guy... [/qb]
Do you mean Badly Drawn Boy/Damon Gough?

Cos if so, its Year of the Rat Wink

I wouldn't term his voice distinctive - I prefer the term 'Annoying'.
Can't believe we're on page 3 and I've not seen one mention of Leonard Cohen. Talk about distinctive.

Also, I'd say:
David Bowie
Kate Bush
Tori Amos (I don't consider them to sound the same vocally AT ALL even though their songwriting style is similar)
I was gonna say Peter Gabriel until I remembered that I once mistook Steve Winwood for PG!
Michael Stipe
Eddie Vedder
Andrew Eldritch (Sisters of Mercy)

As for those that send a shiver:
Lennon and Gabriel. STOP.
If my list included people that most of you have mentioned, it might go on forever, so I'll reduce it to folks who haven't been noted that much (good or bad):

-Bruce Springsteen
-Dave Matthews
-Michael Jackson
-Rufus Wainwright
-Joe Strummer
-Marvin Gaye
-John Popper
-Sinead O'Connor
-Cat Power
-David Lee Roth
-Axl Rose
-Indigo Girls
-Pat Benatar
-Roger Daltrey
-James Taylor
-John Fogerty
-John Mayer
-Rob Thomas
-Phil Judd
-Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse)
-Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy)
-John Kay (Steppenwolf)
-and, of couse, I'll mention my darling Eddie, even though he's been mentioned frequently

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