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Tiny Tim

true! I love Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The Moonlight, best song evarrr!
at the moment all I can think of is
Billy Thorpe
David Byrne

Anyone else think Italian Plastic was channeling a bit of David Byrne-dom?
I admit to skipping the previous 5-6 pages (I skimmed). My 2 cents...

Elvis Costello
Eddie Vedder
Neil Young
Rod Stewart
Peter Garrett
Chris Cornell
Stevie Nicks
Jack White
Roger Daltry
Tom Petty
Mick Jagger
Anthony Keidis
Freddie Mercury (R.I.P.)
Michael Stipe
Ray Davies
John Lennon
Peter Gabriel
Jim Morrison
Chris Robinson
I skipped the previous pages & will not repeat what's already been said on this page (Lila64 took half my answers!)...

Jeff Buckley
Rhett Miller
Elizabeth Fraser
Rufus Wainwright
Tom Waits
Liam Gallagher
Grant Lee Phillips
Stephen Merritt
Stuart Staples
Jarvis Cocker
Brian Molko
Neil Finn

distinct before their clones:
Thom Yorke
Dave Matthews

not really rock:
Beth Gibbons
Tracey Thorn
Joanna Newsom

Bette Midler
Jack Black
Brett Anderson
Matt Johnson of The The, the sexiest voice ever. his "Dogs of Lust" melt my panties every time Wink

And of course:
Anthony Keidis
Freddie Mercury
and Justin from the Darkness
Leonard Cohen

and not really rock, but Harry Connick Jr.

tom petty has a tendency to sound like dylan sometimes- there's someone else too, more recent, that sounds like dylan but i can't recall who! maybe that noah and the whale guy!~ and i take away my vote for daryl hall...jim boggia can sound like him sometimes.

Noah & the Whale sound like Dylan, I don't think so!!!

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have backed Dylan in the past and Petty worked with him on the Traveling Will berries but that's as far as the affinity goes as far as I my ear can discern.

As Bowie once wrote "Oh hear this Robert Zimmerman I wrote this song for you, about a strange young man called Dylan with a voice like sand and glue".  There maybe many who attempt to imitate but there is only one true Dylan.
Originally Posted by awamutu:


alright, calm down, lol...i did say *maybe* i can't stand either so that might explain my mix up... there *is* someone newish out there that sounds like dylan, i just can't recall who...once i hear them again i'll be right back! lol


Perfectly calm, I await your naming of the Dyian-alike with not so baited breath.

Thought of a couple more:


Paul Stanley

David McComb (The Triffids) Such a tragic loss! I am spewing right now, because I just found out that Kylie did a cover of "Bury Me Deep In Love"!That song has more depth than the stupid little fluff pop tart could even contemplate! She should not have gone anywhere near it! She shouldn't even sing it in the shower! NO, NO, NO!!!

Well, I went for a big power walk, let off some steam, got rained on, calmed down a bit and decided to listen to the wretched thing. It's pretty bad, though it could have been worse. It could have had a dance beat!

I may have enjoyed listening to "Locomotion" with my 1st boyfriend (I was 11!) But as I grew, so did my distaste for the gal. My partner hammered the final nail when he admitted to having a better time, seeing Kylie with his ex than SE with me. No hope for some people!

OK, back to the topic at hand, before I get my butt kicked: Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton got mentioned a few times. Stevies voice has become much deeper with age, but when you hear the song, "Silver Springs" (B-side to "Go Your Own Way") you could almost swear it was Dolly Parton.

Also Sammy Hagar (vocally speaking, the best frontman Van Halen ever had), Steve Perry and John Parr all sound/ed somewhat similar.

I don't know if Mika tries to sound like Freddie Mercury, or if he just does. I got talking to someone after Mika's Sydney show, who said that if Mika ran out of songs, he could sing any Queen song. I can't quite imagine him singing "Hammer To Fall", "Tear It Up" or "I Want It All", because he doesn't have Freddie's rip-roaring rock voice.

Some others who deserve a mention:

Angry Anderson

Agnetha Fältskog (just cut a new album after all these years!)

And I can't believe no one's mentioned this particular artist. He never had classic good looks, or even rugged good looks, yet he's a sex symbol. Why? The VOICE! It is unmistakable and only seems to improve with age.

Of course I'm talking about Tom Jones!

I think John Farnham deserves a mention, even if he does keep popping out of retirement. I will never forget his a capella rendition of "Amazing Grace", with Linzey and Venetta Fields.


Oh, Johnnie, that was a HUGE mullet!

Venetta also sang backing vocals on Escapade, incidentally. She has a pretty distinctive sound as a backing vocalist.

Originally Posted by awamutu:

if it hasn't been said already, michael huthence~

It has been said, but he was a great singer! He may not have had the greatest voice in the world, but by God, he knew how to use it! John Stevens and JD Fortune tried to imitate him, but as a great man once said, 

"There will never be another quite like you

And I miss that thing you do!"

Edited to say Michael Hutchence made his recording debut as a child, the voice of a plastic singing Santa. Imagine what one of those would be worth now!

Someone mentioned Robert Smith of The Cure. I bought The Killers' CD, Sam's Town. It was cheap and I liked the single, "Read My Mind". I played it 1ce and never again, not the 1st time I've bought an album on the strength of a single and been disappointed. There are spots on that album where Brandon Flowers sounds like Robert Smith and there are songs that sound like failed attempts at ripping off The Cure.

Robert Smith did some work with Siouxsie And The Banshees early in his career, that I would like to hear.

Ian Anderson had a distinctive vocal timbre.  I went to see him last Thursday at Hamilton Place (Thick as a Brick, parts one and two) and have to report that he has lost it.  His singing voice, that is.  Great show, great band, but he can't sing anymore.  

Patrick posted:

Mr GEDDY LEE of course!

he just doesn‘t sing in his own distinctive style, he also plays bass and keyboards the same time...

Huge Rush fan. So sad that they've retired. Other distinctive vocalists:

1. Fish/Steve Hogarth - the original and the "new" lead singer of Marillion

2. Patty Griffin - sometimes folk, sometimes rock but can't believe she isn't a household name

3. Kate Bush/Tori Amos - the British/American spine-tingling vocals

4, Karen Peris - another spine-tingling female vocalist

5. Mark Knopfler - everything he signs sounds so good

6. Mary Fahl - how is she not a huge star?  What a voice ...

awamutu posted:
i did a search and it seems karen carpenter hasn't been mentioned yet.

saw a special about the carpenters last night and thought of this thread...

she had an amazing (and distinctive) voice!

@ginacandle - hi i got notification you liked a few of my votes but, with time, they're not so distinctive anymore, lol (hawksley workman & jim boggia can sound like daryl hall, the guys from embrace & love and money sound like  michael hutchence and rumer is practically identical to karen carpenter. damn!

who are your votes? :- )

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