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I was reading about this song in 'Stranger than Fiction' the other day and wishing I could hear it (like so many other unheard Judd-era songs), and then noticed today that there's a track of the same name on 'Other Enz'. I'd be very grateful if anyone could tell me whether this is the same song or not, because if it is I need that CD. Wink
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Yep, the track on Other Enz is the same Finn/Judd composition, but it's not a genuine Split Enz recording as such. It was released as the B-side of a 1980 single by Graham Brazier (ex Hello Sailor) and credited to "A Ripper Bunch of Blokes." The "blokes" who played on the recording included Mike Chunn, Eddie Rayner, Rob Gillies, and Mal Green.

Part of the tune was later used in "I Wouldn't Dream of It" on True Colours.
Originally posted by Jaffaman:
[qb]Be warned though... the recording on "Other Enz" was taken from a cassette which itself sounds like a dub from a cassette. The original 7" record sounds fantastic.

Jaffa (not really in a whingy mood tonight, but sounding like it!) Roll Eyes [/qb]
That's a shame. The 7" might sound fantastic, but it will probably be harder to track down than a copy of 'Other Enz'. Razzer Ah well.
Nope, it's definitely mastered from a wildly off-azimuth tape (and if it's not a cassette, then someone's tape machine needs some serious overhauling.) Frankly, the quality is appalling compared to the vinyl record - although my 7" record is a bit off centre - ha! Sometimes you can't win.
I hate pointing out faults, especially when the rest of the package is so good, but this one really bothered me.

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