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This has been out for a few weeks, but I haven't seen even a mention since. Mine came in the mail today, and I've only had one listen. While musically enjoyable, especially catchy "Costeno", I couldn't help but be struck by the bleakness of the lyrics. From opening with a starving polar bear eating it's cub, to a man not allowed to bury his dead wife, the title ghost waiting for a lover who never shows, the singer's "our song" now belonging to another, and ending with another who's "more lonesome than before" facing the final curtain call. Oof. From a man experiencing a renaissance in his music, this is making me wonder what's going on in Tim's head.

Has no one else gotten this latest offering? It's been six days since the last post of any kind on this forum. With all that's going on in Finn music, it is sad to come here and see no discussion at all. Anyone have thoughts about "Ghost"?

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I had forgotten this album had already been released. I’m waiting on my CD in the post so have been streaming it in the meantime.

I don’t hate it, but it’s probably fair to say that I’m struggling with it a bit. If it wasn’t Tim, I probably would have ditched after the first listen through. The Cannibal/Polar Bear song is really tough going!

I enjoy Caught By The Heart, and LOVE the Forenzics album. I’m really looking forward to the Andy/Tim album. Gotta hand it to Tim, not only has he been prolific these last couple of years but nobody could accuse him of just repeating an old formula. He is certainly not afraid to try our new ideas.

I really like the album, though I agree it a little bleak in theme, but I think Caught By The Heart was also fairly bleak: a lot of songs about mortality and nostalgia for lost love. This one deepens the theme and is largely on a par with that Caught By The Heart, with just a few songs not being up to par. I really like it and I do see both albums as being kind of the same work: one is like a sunny autumn’s day, the other is like a windy late autumn night.

”Space Cannibal” is awesome.

Forenzics, now, is one of my all-tome favorite albums and only Together Alone in the Finn catalogue would rank higher for me.

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