I hate exercise and I haven't done a conventional workout class for a long time.

But it seems I must do something because my new job has me glued to my desk a lot of the day which is not good and I am getting tired and lazy.  

So I went on YouTube looking for a short 10-15 minute daily workout and was immediately put off by the music, I thought 10 minutes of that would seem like an hour of hell.

So I have decided to devise my own - with your help I hope,  what I need is 3 Finn songs - from any incarnation of Finn,

The first must begin slow but built up momentum,

The second must be fast and have a good beat or hip swing, 

The final song must be a wind down song.

I'm not too concerned about playing time but if you know it that would also helpful.

So any suggestions for this mini playlist and what activities or exercises you might do to it would be useful.

Many thanks


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