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After all these nice posts about "the world's first Crowded House Photo Comic strip" I created, I had another good idea for a new story.
So your wish was my command and so here is the second CH photo comic, which is a bit longer. I hope you like it -- and for those who missed the first story, here is the first one, too.

CH Photo comic #1
CH Photo comic #2 ssscomic

coming from where:
The hiiiiiiiiiiiills aaaaaaaare aaaaaaalive with the sooooooooound of muuuuuuuuuuuuuuusic!!!!

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Both your're picture trail link and the last one you put up worked for me Sandra.

About making the font bigger, I just clicked into the actual picture and a little icon thingy showed up in the lower right corner, I clicked that and it became bigger so I could read it.

Great job Sandra, you have a fabulous imagination, really clever and funny!! Smiler
Originally posted by kia kaha:
[qb] (Hmmm yes, I suppose that's one way of upping your post count, Kate... posting the same post four times! Wink Razzer ) [/qb]
...I'm glad she liked it so much, that she had to post it four times...

So you want more of them. Give me some bucks, and you'll get what you want Razzer

Noooo, I'm not that mean Big Grin
I'll post it directly when I've finished a new one, but it could take a bit of time. be continued...

That's your best yet! Thanks for making me laugh. Neil the human bloodhound...I think even he'd find that funny.

Wait--don't bloodhounds hunt with their noses to the ground? He's got his nose in the air, so maybe he's really a bird dog. I see a challenge in this. Okay, folks, if NF were a dog, what breed would he be? And just to make things interesting, feel free to assign breeds to other CH or Enz members as you see fit. Big Grin

Yes, I'm really awful. Razzer

Originally posted by shmap18:
Oy, Sandra, these are so wonderful! I think they should be passed on to the boys, eh? Get PG in here to have a look Razzer Keep 'em coming, girl!

Peeeeeeteeeer, where are you? lol
Actually I don't have a dare to send him a PM.

Anyway, I promised someone to make a new photo comic, and you know I keep my promises.
So this is dedicated to you (the person surely knows that it's for her).

CH photo comic #6
See ya

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OK, here are my plans for this special project:

The calendar will be released in autumn 2090 for 2091 with the title "2091 - 100 years of Weather with you"

The opening night of the calendar will be placed in a pineapple plantation which I planted with my own hands in NZ. The event will be topped with the premiere of a play performed by red socked pineapple head puppets titled:
"Sister madly's sacred cow from a distant sun is going bung but you can touch cos everything is good for you and don't dream it's over cause Dr. Livingston brings you a chocolate cake"

You, your kids, and your grandkids are invited. Tickets are available from summer 2090 when Kia kaha starts a big PR Tour round the world.

PS: I also need a personal fashion stylist and a special VIP Granny who's knitting me red socks for the rest of my life.

Big Grin

Big Grin

Big Grin

Big Grin

Big Grin

Big Grin

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Originally posted by avalleylitbythemoon:
[qb] Sometimes I think you have too much time on your hands [/qb]
How did ya guess that
I got a lot of time, and then I think and think and think........ the results can be seen above

And Kiah kaha it's the northern hemnisphere, cause the BOSS (that's me ) lifes there lol.

Just found the comics on my hard drive and wondered where they had come from...

Of course, they were originally in "original creations"! Since I enjoyed their good-natured fan fun silliness and funny ideas, I thought, the rest of you might, too, so I found a different pic hoster and re-uploaded the pics in Sandra's original posts.

Enjoy the blast from the past!

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