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Wow, that's some task, but here's a "brief" cross section that for me are highlights of Neil's music.

Faster Than Light
Last Day of June
Suffer Never
You can Touch
Catherine Wheels
Private Universe
There Goes God
Four Seasons In one Day
When You Come
Love this Life
Love You Till the Day I Die
Don't Dream it's Over (ofcourse)
Holy Smoke
History Never Repeats
Wow..tough question! I'd have to say that these are my faves, though:

Don't Dream It's Over
Never Be the Same
Better Be Home Soon
Fall At Your Feet
Distant Sun
Catherine Wheels
Nails In My Feet
Together Alone (but this was partially written by Mark Hart, right?)
She Will Have Her Way
Twisty Bass
Human Kindness
Into the Sunset
Love Is All That Remains

I reckon I must have made more than 30 copies of this for various people in a desperate attempt to get them to like Neil Finn! (and yes, I've probably lost about $50 in all on the whole thing, but I just say it's a birthday present Smiler ). So far I think everyone has liked the collection of songs & at least 8 people (that I know of) have actually gone out & bought Recurring Dream at mid-price, plus someone has bought 4 albums (incl. Finn Bros.) & someone else has actually found some rare Enz vinyl (DAMN THEM!), so the bottom line is: If you make friends up a compilation CD, Neil Finn & his record company will be rewarded in the long run Smiler .

#01 - distant sun (live acoustic)
#02 - i got you
#03 - billie jean (acoustic cover)
#04 - mean to me
#05 - i can see clearly now (cover)
#06 - anytime (live)
#07 - throw your arms around me (acoustic cover)
#08 - locked out
#09 - last to know
#10 - better be home soon
#11 - fall at your feet (acoustic)
#12 - private universe (live)
#13 - something so strong (live)
#14 - sinner (acoustic)
#15 - not the girl you think you are (live acoustic)
#16 - sister madly
#17 - she will have her way (live)
#18 - message to my girl (live piano)
#19 - weather with you (live)
#20 - last day of june
#21 - lester (home demo)
#22 - sexual healing (acoustic cover)
#23 - don't dream it's over (live acoustic)

So there Smiler ... & it all fits onto an 80 minute CD-R.
here the songs i'd put on a best-of (not specially in that order)

1.fall at your feet
2.distant sun
3.don't dream it's over
5.nails in my feet
6.private universe
7.whispers and moans
9.turn and run
10.wherever you are
11.angel's heap
12.I feel possessed
13.never be the same
14.king tide
15.four seasons in one day
16.kare kare
17.fingers of love
18.she will have her way
Bonus : throw your arms around me and dots on the shell (with Yothu Yindi)

such a hard question in fact !
Well firstly ditch the studio recordings and use live tracks!!

I did a double album a while back of what I consider to be his best work.

1. message to my girl
2. i got you
3. history never repeats
4. one step ahead
5. recurring dream
6. don't dream it's over
7. mean to me
8. now we're getting somewhere
9. world where we live
10. into temptation
11. when you come
12. better be home soon
13. love this life
14. in the lowlands
15. it's only natural
16. fall at your feet
17. four seasons in one day

1. weather with you
2. fall at your feet
3. whispers and moans
4. four seasons in one day
5. private universe
6. distant sun
7. locked out
8. nails in my feet
9. suffer never
10. only talking sense
11. not the girl you think you are
12. astro
13. she will have her way
14. turn and run
15. the last to know
Originally posted by Secret : God:
[qb]If you make friends up a compilation CD, Neil Finn & his record company will be rewarded in the long run Smiler .[/qb]
Yes, this is true! I made a somewhat similar compilation for a friend who then went out and bought both Neil solo albums, Recurring Dream, and the Finn Bros album. I actually tried to make it more of a Finn Brothers compilation, and put a bunch of live things by Tim and Neil together, along with some Finn Bros. demos, and filled it out with other live Neil solo and Crowded House things.

I have to agree with Neil (Frenz Neil, that is Wink ), that for the most part, live versions are the thing to put on a Finn best-of.

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