I am interested in knowing how Frenz members rank - in preferential order - the various albums by the brothers whether solo, together or as part of a band.

Post your lists here.
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My top half dozen:

1. Crowded House: Together Alone

2. The Finn Brothers: Everyone is Here

3. Crowded House: Temple of Low Men

4. Crowded House: Woodface

5. Crowded House: Crowded House

6. Split Enz: Time and Tide
Crowded House : Together Alone
Tim Finn: Before & After
Split Enz: Time & Tide
Crowded House: Farewell to the world
Neil Finn: Encore (club release)
Finn Brothers: Eyes of the world (club release)
Neil - Try Whistling This
Crowdies - Together Alone
Tim - Imaginary Kingdom
Enz - Frenzy
Finn Brothers - Everyone Is Here
Okay! This is based on personal opinion and iTunes play counts.

Tim Finn - Tim Finn
Finn - The Finn Brothers
Together Alone - Crowded House
Altitude - ALT
Before & After - Tim Finn
Big Canoe - Tim Finn
Time & Tide - Split Enz
Imaginary Kingdom - Tim Finn
Feeding The Gods - Tim Finn
One Nil - Neil Finn (One All rates much lower - cut Don't Ask Why? Why!?)
Thanks for the replies. If we assign the following:
* 5 points to the most preferred album
* 4 points to the second most preferred
* 3 points to the third most preferred
* 2 points to the fourth most preferred
* 1 point to the fifth most preferred

...then the most popular albums in the forum are:

1. Together Alone (18 points)
2. Frenzy (7 points)
3. Before and After (7 points)
4. Woodface (6 points)
5. Everyone is Here (5 points)
6. Tim Finn (5 points)
7. Try Whistling This (5 points)
8. Finn (4 points)
9. Temple of Low Men (3 points)
10. Time and Tide (3 points)
11. Imaginary Kindom (3 points)
12. Mental Notes (3 points)
13. Farewell to the World (2 points)
14. Altitude (2 points)
15. Encore (1 point)
16. Crowded House (1 point)

Please post more top 5 lists - in order - and I will collate the results!
Okay, Adam--

1. Temple of Low Men-CH
2. Crowded House-CH
3. Together Alone-CH
4. Everyone Is Here-Finns
5. Conflicting Emotions-Split Enz

Those are the five I have listened to the most so they should be my top 5!

1. Together Alone
2. Temple of Low Men
3. Time and Tide
4. Try Whistling This
5. True Colours

Wow, what a terrific thoroughly thought-trancing T coincidence.

6. just happens to be Everyone is Here, though.

Maybe Time on Earth will climb the list?

1. Together Alone (30 points)
2. Frenzy (17 points)
3. Crowded House (15 points)
4. Woodface (14 points)
5. Everyone is Here (14 points)
6. Time and Tide (14 points)
7. Temple of Low Men (12 points)
8. Before and After (10 points)
9. Try Whistling This (7 points)
10. Tim Finn (5 points)
11. Imaginary Kingdom (5 points)
12. Dizrythmia (4 points)
13. Finn (4 points)
14. Imaginary Kindom (3 points)
15. Mental Notes (3 points)
16. Farewell to the World (2 points)
17. Altitude (2 points)
18. Encore (1 point)
19. Conflicting Emotions (1 point)
20. True Colours (1 point)
21. One Neil (1 point)
22. Escapade (1 point)
OK, I've had a long think about this one, so here goes for my Top 5:

1) Crowded House - Woodface
2) Split Enz - True Colours
3) Crowded House - Crowded House
4) Split Enz - Time & Tide
5) Tim Finn - Tim Finn

That was really difficult as it was more a case of what to leave out.
After some thought:

1.Crowded House - Woodface
2.Crowded House - Together Alone
3.Tim Finn - Say It Is So
4.Neil Finn - One Nil
5.Split Enz - Time And Tide
OK, I'm going to count them down so the best are at the bottom of the list! I think I got them all.

#25 Conflicting Emotions by Split Enz
#24 Corroborree by Split Enz
#23 Escapade by Tim Finn
#22 See Ya Round by Split Enz
#21 Mental Notes by Split Enz
#20 Big Canoe by Tim Finn
#19 Time and Tide by Split Enz
#18 Tim Finn by Tim Finn
#17 Before and After by Tim Finn
#16 Frenzy by Split Enz
#15 True Colours by Split Enz
#14 Finn by the Finn Brothers
#13 Second Thoughts by Split Enz
#12 Say It Is So by Tim Finn
#11 Try Whistling This by Neil Finn
#10 Disrythmia by Split Enz
#9 Imaginary Kingdom by Tim Finn
#8 One Nil by Neil Finn
#7 Everyone is Here by the Finn Brothers
#6 Time on Earth by Crowded House
#5 Feeding the Gods by Tim Finn
#4 Crowded House by Crowded House
#3 Temple of Low Men by Crowded House
#2 Woodface by Crowded House
#1 Together Alone by Crowded House

For me ... as of today ...here's my top 10 favorite Finn studio albums that I would take to that deserted island. 

1.  Together Alone - Crowded House
2.  Everyone Is Here - Finn Brothers 
3.  Woodface - Crowded House
4.  Out of Silence - Neil Finn 
5.  The Conversation - Tim Finn
6.  Try Whistling This - Neil Finn
7.  Time on Earth - Crowded House
8.  Mental Notes - Split Enz
9.  One All - Neil Finn
10. Finn - Finn Brothers

  1. Together Alone
  2. Mental Notes
  3. Finn
  4. Temple of Low Men
  5. Woodface
  6. Try Whistling This
  7. Dizrythmia
  8. Out of Silence
  9. Time and TIde
  10. True Colours


Overall a hard list to make apart from the first three - too many very good albums to choose from. 

My top 10 (as at today)

Together Alone

Try Whistling This

Everyone Is Here


One Nil

Time On Earth

Crowded House 


Dizzy Heights 


Top five, leaving out Liams albums. Lightsleeper and the Nihilst rage really high 

  • the conversation
  • finn
  • pajama club
  • out of silence
  • Try whisteling this



Shadowman posted:

Top five, leaving out Liams albums. Lightsleeper and the Nihilst rage really high 

  • the conversation
  • finn
  • pajama club
  • out of silence
  • Try whisteling this



Can I ask Why Pajama Club is 3rd? 

I'm not saying that you're wrong for having it, it's your opinion. I'm just curious to see what you see in it that others (including myself) don't.

I became a fan of Neil in 1997 just before all the solo releases. I was a big fan of the spirit of experimentation surrounding Try whisteling this and One Nil. But then Everone is here and the Crowded house reunion happened. As much as I like some of it, the experimental vibe was gone. No big left field stuff. The experiments that were there sounded dated to me, like on saturday sun. Your uncle trying a vocoder.
Then came Pajama club: an album with "elastic hearts". Great forward looking videos, weird songs. Noise, all the things I desperatly needed Neil to do. It ended a less interesting Neil phase, and started a new golden era. Which I hope will continue on his next stuff..


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