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Hi there,

My name is KIITA and I am a postgraduate from Japan.

I would like to know about the songs by Crowded House.
When I listened to the song called 'Don't Dream It's Over' at the World Masters Games 2017 in Auckland for the first time, I shivered (even though it was played by the copy band).

Particularly, I love the quote 'But you'll never see the end of the road while you're travelling with me.'

After coming back to Japan, I checked Crowded House and figured out this band is very famous outside Japan.
There is, however, hardly a resource to understand the band in Japanese websites. So let me discuss their songs here.

My questions to ask you are...
1. When did you listen to 'Don't Dream It's Over' for the first time? and How did you feel at that time?

2. (If you are into 'Crowded House'...) What does the following quote from the song called 'Distant Sun' imply/mean??

'Seven worlds will collide
Whenever I'm by your side
Dust from a distant sun
Will shower over everyone'

3. Please introduce your favourite 80's songs!!

I would appreciate it if you could tell me your opinions and discuss any topics related to Crowded House and 80's music with me

Thank you!!


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Kiita, I'm old enough that I heard "Don't Dream" when it was first released on the radio. It was a pretty big hit in the US, I remember liking it well enough, but only really became a Crowded House fan many years later when I discovered their entire catalog and realized what a brilliant songwriter Neil is.

I think the lyric you quoted describes the explosion of feelings when the singer's love is with him.

Probably my favorite (of many) non-Neil 80's songs is "I'll Melt With You" by Modern English. I can listen to it on repeat; never tire of that one.

Hi Kita,

Welcome to the forum, 

All frenz are welcome here, no matter how new.

I know what you mean by Neil's songs making you shiver, we've all been there when the music speaks. 

However, that song wasn't the one that first had that effect on me, in fact DDIO, although now a big radio hit in the UK, wasn't originally a  very successful song over here.  I grew to love Finn music during the later Woodface era (the 1990's) and the first song to cause a shiver was Fall at your feet, I find the intensity in that song  can create a physical response.

Other songs that have that strong of effect on me include: Love you til the day I die, Into Temptation, I feel Possessed and When you come.  Interestingly,  I believe the video for When you come was filmed in Japan .

Have you heard any Split Enz music?   The first Finn songs I heard were 6 months in a leaky boat and I got you, but I fell in love with Crowded House the first time  I saw them play live.  Playing live they are totally magical.

I'm sure if  trawl through threads on this forum you'll find lots of thoughts on Finn lyrics and the meaning of songs, we are lucky as Finn fans because both the music and the lyrics are top quality. 

One suggestion about Distant Sun is that it's an analogy of  the cosmic interaction between Frenz and the band.  Unlike a lot of bands,  CH gigs have always involved a lot of audience participation with hecklers, requests etc.  Neil love to talk to and sing with the Frenz.    But lyrics can have different meanings to different Frenz.  Neil doesn't always pin down his song meanings.

I don't know how much you know about CH and Finn music - I hope my reply has been pitched correctly,  as Neil says "tell me all the thing you would change, I don't pretend to know what you want..."



Welcome 😃

I can answer the first question for now. I was about 7 years old when Don’t Dream It’s Over was first a radio hit in the US. My family was driving to visit my grandparents, me and my sister were in the back seat, and the song was on the radio. It’s my earliest memory of really, really liking a popular song. I recall watching the rural Wisconsin landscape speed by and just really enjoying the song. I surely wasn’t thinking deeply about the lyrics at that age, but the melody and arrangement, Neil Finn’s voice all captivated me.

Thank you for your replies!!

I am going to tell you all the things I changed

Because of knowing your awesome explanation and experience in terms of Crowded House, I surely came to love them more

Besides, your comments surprised me. e.g. Niel Finn was in the band called Split Enz (ohh, I like 'I got you'),  'When you come' was filmed in Japan(I wish I had known that at that time...I was not yet being born, haha), and his GIFT as a singer/songwriter. 

I  will follow the songs that you guys recommended me with a sense of huge excitement. 


This forum is amazing. 

Thank you very much.



Speaking of Eighties music, have you heard of the band Japan?

They were an synth band,  they were successful in Japan in the Eighties and David Sylvian also collaborated with Ryuichi Sakamoto of Yellow Magic Orchestra -YMO were great, but I haven't listened to them for years! Must look them up on YouTube.

David Sylvian's solo material is also very good although it is more  avant-garde, my favourite solo albums of his are Secrets of the Beehive and Gone to Earth.

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Can't remember specifically the first time I heard DDIO. Probably took a while to seep 8nto my consciousness.

Neil's songwriting style is not literal - that's why I love it. The lines you quote mean nothing by themselves and yet they evoke images and emotions. They are surreal and beautiful.

Would reccoreco everyone checks out "Tombstone" on the Crowded House album. The lines "Look at all the plans I made/falling down like scraps of paper" mean so much to me.

It's funny I wasn't that impressed when Don't Dream it's over came out. I had been a big fan of Neil's previous band Split Enz and really liked the idea of having two different song writers Neil and his brother Tim. So Crowded House seemed like a Neil Finn solo band and then Don't Dream its over was a hit in the US, I think I felt "well why didn't Split Enz make it in the US?" 

I think to an extent I've always compared Tim and Neil and kind of supported Tim, so I liked Woodface that Tim was on, Four seasons in One Day, It's only Natural and Chocolate Cake were all excellent songs. I would generally get Neil's albums but it was Intriguer the last Crowded House album that really made me appreciate Neil more fully. It had songs on it that I found really affected me "Archers Arrow" "Amsterdam" "Isolation" & "Elephants" 

I've been listening to Neil's music most of my life and I am still learning to like his work more.

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