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Okay Frenz. I'm about as cynical as you can get re. this sort of thing, BUT my husband and I have both had our palms read recently & the results were eerily accurate. Have any of you Cats had this done? What were the results? Do you buy into this kind of thing? If you could be any kind of salad, what kind would you be? (Okay, disregard that last question. Wink )
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I don't "buy" into it because I believe that you create your life and can change ANYTHING however you want immediately (or slowly). So someone telling me what "will" happen is just a reflection of where my energy and thoughts are now. I can change that and go in a whole other direction if I want!

I have had basically two reading in my life. I had an astrological one in 1998 and a tarot one in November. The astrological one turned out to be very right, and it was fun. The tarot one was really special since Dave did it (and one for him), and it was very right and fun. But then again, I tend to get positive readings since I'm a strongly positive person. I never get stuff like "go have your lungs checked - I see a problem there" or "you will be an unhappy housewife" (someone I know actually got something like that once) or "some sort of bad thing is coming your way." So it's easy to feel that it's right and fun because it's usually quite good things!

Like my November tarot reading said I was putting too much energy into things that brought me negativity, and that was true. It said that fortune, wealth, and bigger happiness are just around the corner. They're not here yet, but I imagine they are coming!

I'm going to be bartering with my old astrologer to get another reading because I'm curious. So I'll update her website and she'll do a reading. I imagine it will be fun if nothing else and possibly very right! She was very right last time!
Well, the older I get, the more I realize I DON'T know. So while I tend to be a cynic, I have been surprised by a few experiences with that sort of thing. Twice now I've had a reading where they ask the date, place and exact time of your birth, and I must admit those readings were amazingly accurate. Same with the one palm reading I've had. And they weren't just general statements that could apply to anyone (like "you desire affection but don't get enough"). They were things like "You are an artist, often frustrated by having to make a living and not being able to create." and "You are from a very large family and often struggled with feelings of neglect and loneliness as a child" and "You feel more comfortable around animals than people." Now these were people who don't know me, didn't see me, and weren't told anything other than my birth information (even the palm reading was on line- I just answered a bunch of questions about the lines on my hand). It's puzzling, that's for sure.
Any Monty Python fan should chase down the script to "What the Stars Foretell," a sketch from the Flying Circus shows. It's two women reading their horoscopes to each other, and they are RIDICULOUS. Like one starts with "You have green scaly skin, a soft yellow underbelly, and a series of fin-like ridges down your spine." Smiler
I'm not sure...I've had both incredibly accurate and incredibly inaccurate information pop up. I think how much the results of a reading affect you boils down to how much importance you give it, how seriously you take it.

Once I heard, "You MUST go to the doctor right away. Something serious is wrong with you." (And nothing was.) And as far as enneagrams, life paths, etc...I've found ones OTHER THAN MINE that describe me and what I'm about, far more closely. I'm not very Taurus-like in comparison to a couple of other signs.

And at a new age expo, some lady told me that my "birth animal" is a beaver. I was like...."uh....beaver? I bet you say that to all the girls..." She explained what a beaver was (which was 100% opposite of me). I told her that she had just described my polar opposite. She justified this by saying that I'm out of balance, and sometimes people who are out of balance display the opposite characters as their animals. (Malarchy, I balance has always been more related to my bra size than anything.... And I thought it was pretty darned rude for some lady who didn't even know anything about me other than my birthday to make the presumption that I'm out of balance.)

Then again, I've had a couple of tarot readings (always depending on the deck...the Angel Deck is awesome, the Crowley Thoth deck has been pretty doomy), horoscopes, etc. that were dead on. My Meyers-Briggs profile is dead on.

My mom asked if I'd like a psychic reading for my birthday in a few weeks and I told her a gift certificate to Jo-Ann Fabrics, or paying the ransom to remove the pop-up ads on my writing website, would give me just as much gratification. Smiler
well i am a very very sceptical person
i don't believe anything somebody tells me in a fortunetelling kind of way.
to me tarot has nothing to do with fortune telling or esoteric hocus pocus.
to me, it's a way to sort my own mind to get inspired, maybe get hints on thoughts i didn't have before, get pushed into new ways of seeing things to maybe do better...
sometimes when i'm in a situation that i can't really get out, i try it and really, it's not bad, i made up my mind, got all positive again because i've seen that there was indeed a chance to handle a situation and not *no way* as i thought before... it's nice and fun...
My experience was very similar to Grace's, but all of my news was BAD! The guy kept asking me if I was SURE I wanted to know. He said that I was currently at middle-age, and that I, like all of the other women in my family, would die in my sixties. How did he know that? He also knew that I always surround myself with animals (okay,so I was covered in dog hair, it was still freaky). My husband had a psychic reading that was far more comprehensive (and creepy). The woman knew that he had come to Canada to be with me, and that he had only saved up 1,000 quid before coming. She also knew his flight # and that his name was Steve (WE NEVER TOLD HER). I just don't know...

p.s. Heidi, you need to embrace your inner beaver Roll Eyes I found a link to a related site:

Apparently I'm a crow. Who knew.

The color I "resonate" with is (ugh) yellow? I'm persistent? Organized? Inflexible and need to work on adaptability? Incompassionate? BUSINESSLIKE???????

N E V E R.

Ummmm...I must argue that I *have* no "inner beaver."

Much like my Zodiac (where I'm a Taurus but everything for Cancer describes me to a T...), once again, I'm a million times more compatible for July's birth animal (the salmon).
Well I have seen ghosts yet still can't convince myself they were real and I have seen a UFO and still can't convince myself they exist.....and the same goes for all this stuff.

Used to do tarot and I'm planning to pick up where I left off in the a crappy pack to start with just to get into the swing of it.

Some people are just very clever and can make someone believe that they are telling fortunes or know stuff about their secret lives, saying that I once saw this woman who accurately told me that I was shopping for a fridge freezer........strange.

So the answer for me is that I am a very interested sceptic!
Interesting that we're already having a discourse about this kind of stuff, and at a (Unitarian) church service I attended on Easter, which included a lot about how many traditional Easter things (eggs, bunnies) actually relate to a Pagan spring ritual, they were doing this thing with runes.

You were to pick an egg from the basket, dye it after the service and then the rune (which had been drawn in white crayon) would show up, and you'd look it up on a nearby wall chart to see what your future holds, according to the rune you drew. I thought that was pretty cool, so my kids and I all took eggs. My 8-year-old daughter said, "Mommy, MINE's going to have to do with MONEY." I was like...uh...

Then when we dyed her egg and looked up her rune, it ACTUALLY DID MEAN MONEY. There wasn't even any ambiguity involved like "abundance." It said "financial gain, wealth, money." (Twilight Zone music is indicated....)

My son's rune had to do with remembering to be good, which for him right now is kinda appropriate because he's just learned how to backtalk.

My rune made me so mad I peeled the egg and ate it so I wouldn't have to look at it anymore. It was the rune of fighting and weaponry...two things that are completely opposite of anything in my nature or beliefs (other than "fighting for" the opposite of weaponry and fighting). I asked, "If you don't agree with your rune, can you trade it?"

And the answer was, "You might need to ascribe its shadow meaning to get what you're intended to find out." (Which, Deb, I think might be another way of saying, "you're out of balance...") Roll Eyes
I love Tarot cards. I have a set that is based on Greek Mythology, but I only do readings for myself. I don't know the cards that well to read them for others.
And I would say that I use them more like Silke. I use them to look at a situation in a different way.
Part of the reason that Tarot cards ring true is the fact that humans go through very similar journeys in their life.
I have had a couple readings though that were freakily accurate!
I also love reading my horoscope. It's funny Heidi, you saying you are more like one sign than another. I was born on December 21st and in some places I'm a Capricorn rather than a Saggitarious. I am so not a Capricorn!
Hey Heidi, there you are again, out of balance! Smiler

When I see something like that that doesn't match me, I wonder if it's trying to tell me that I might attract it or that I tend to be around it even if I feel it doesn't match me. So you may find yourself around fighting even if you don't associate yourself with fighting. Could be some of your recent run-ins here Smiler , could be some family momentary lack of harmony, could be anything.

And that's the great thing about this stuff. Quite often, if it's not too specific, it could be ANYTHING. The message in my opinion is to not go bonkers over it and eat eggs just because you reject them. Say OK I got fighting and weaponry, I'm not going to fight the egg!!! Smiler
Heidi - Maybe you are a Cancer Moon child or maybe your rising sign is cancer. Ok, time to confess...I enjoy astrology lots! It isn�t just all about the one sign you read about for your birthday. There are Moon and Venus and Mars signs etc...many planets! It�s a bit like a play with different personalities and you can play all the parts in different ways at different times.

By the way - Taureans are supposed to have good voices! Hm, I think Bono is one actually...

I have studied this and that to do with myths and symbols, and I don�t know...I love colours and they really affect me! And images and symbols always fascinated me. But I don�t believe in simple truths and answers to anything basically. You rewrite your life story as you live your life and we all want to find meaning to things, man is a creative beast! So if you find meaning in words written in eggs then that is sort of cool and might just be like a if you were a writer and were making a song and were subconsciously searching for a word that fits better to the chorus than the one you have come up with so far and you can feel a better alternative struggling to surface in your mind, and then you see the word you need written on the egg! Thanks!

Fighting and weapons...well you are opposed to the war right!? But the war is on the radio and tv, people talk about it everywhere, there are debates and news paper coverage etc so it may be on your mind more than ever. In that case I wouldn�t take egg writings personally! Wink

Tarot cards for instance are basically like any art work that were made with a lot of thought work behind is very traditional, has history and all, but how one interpretes and uses imagery and story telling is up to the individual user.

Anyways, just wanted to add my two cents.
My what interesting topics we are posting these days. I'm going to have to start checking this thing more often. One of the things that sold me on astrology wasn't 'oh he's a leo and they act this way...' but 'he's a leo with a pisces moon and a sag. rising and he's got venus in virgo' noooooow i understand! however, i use astrology mostly for fun. it's fun to use an ephemeris and look up people's charts. I find it's actually true about oh half the time, but then it was explained to me about how if someone has mars and jupiter in opposition then this can happen and that's why the mars in libra thing isn't accurate for that person but maybe something else might be. it's those finer points that make it intriguing. astrology actually makes no sense to me on the base level. it didn't make sense to me until i started getting more detailed into it. I think magazine horscopes are bunk because being a sag, it always picks on me. (and i don't have to like it so there! Razzer ) as for runes and tarot. i'm coming out. i do them frequently for others. and myself. actually i only use them for myself if i am having trouble making a desicion or have a pondering situation i need a little extra insight on. i take care to tell people that its only based on what's happening in your life and your mental state at 10:25am on april 24, 2003. we're talking IN THE MOMENT here and nothing more. your path changes as you change and grow. I also tell people that tarot and runes are best used as an insight, of a possibility of what can happen given the shape of your life and the choices you are currently making or give you some further clarity on a given situation (NEVER get a reading when you are depressed. it will be gloomy even if it's not really) . if you take a reading as insight, you have more power to change it if you don't like it. (i'm famous for: i don't like it so its not true so blah!) I get some pretty interesting scenarios when I read for people.(and yes, if you wait a month or 2 and do another reading, you might get a completely different reading) if someone tells you you're gonna die or that you have foot cancer or something equally irresponsible tell them have green scales and soft yellow underbellies and RUN! same if you get told you're out of balance because the readers gets something wrong and that reader would rather be right than happy. in fact run really far from those with the scaly finned ridges down their backs! a good reader will realise they are probably reading it wrong and look at what they are seeing from another angle.
I have noticed that many readings are symbolic in nature as opposed to literal. case in point: Heidi's rune. given what little I know of Heidi, I wouldn't jump to her incredibly violent nature Big Grin (sarcasm!) but would picture her as a crusader and someone who has gone from victim to warrior and channels that into a constructive manner. Some of the toughest wars we fight are transforming from that victim to warrior and that doesn't mean taking up weapons in the literal sense but by choosing our weapons. In heidi's case she has her pen-or keyboard as the case may be. she also is likely someone who will fight for what is right and for the welfare of her children. not such a bad thing to get the weaponry rune after all. go sister!
as to the beaver thing. the beaver is a builder of dreams and the cycle of power is at dusk and night. if a beaver appears in your life it can reflect the opportunity to build on your dreams. so maybe the person who decided you were a beaver saw that now is a really good time for you to be working on those dreams of yours. When beaver shows up, it is time for action. Incidentally, when you see a particular animal and it really strikes you, that animal medicine is relevant in your life at the moment. Of course I live in a place where wild animals are a fact of life (the bears are back! I hope they stay out of the garbage this year!) so I think this takes on more relevance in day to day life, but I think seeing a picture of an animal can be just as relevant. but animal meds are another topic and I'm just babbling away now. I got my beaver info from a ted andrews book called animal speak. it's a really cool book for anyone interested in animal meds. So yeah I believe animals are pretty significant and your "power animal" (for lack of a better term) changes as you do so heidi don't despair, you won't be a beaver forever Big Grin someday you may be a kingfisher or a cedar waxwing. Smiler or a tarantula Big Grin Big Grin sorry I couldn't resist Razzer
btw, I loooove how everyone is doing south park avatars!!! that is so great! Smiler you all are so creative!!
Originally posted by athenazilla:
[qb] Incidentally, when you see a particular animal and it really strikes you, that animal medicine is relevant in your life at the moment. Of course I live in a place where wild animals are a fact of life (the bears are back! I hope they stay out of the garbage this year!) so I think this takes on more relevance in day to day life, but I think seeing a picture of an animal can be just as relevant. [/qb]
How about if you see an animal in a dream? Last night I was watching some channel where zoo keepers were bottle feeding baby tigers. One of them was a white tiger (a Bengal, is that what they call them?)
This must have really effected me because last night I had a dream I was in a courtyard full of full-grown white tigers all laying on mats. I was walking amongst them, marveling at their beauty and even petting some of them - I was not afraid of them at all.
There was a building on the edge of the courtyard and I walked in and onto a screened in porch. Just as I walked in I noticed one of the tigers walked up to the window and looked into the porch and was looking at something. I turned around and noticed that a tiger was walking out of the front door of the house and onto the porch. For some reason I was afraid of this tiger and I couldn't see it's face.
The door of the house was open, and as the tiger walked out the door, it walked behind it. All of a sudden I had another door or a fence or something in my hand and I was able to hem the tiger in-between the fence and the door. Just then, my alarm clock went off and I woke up.
I wonder what would have happened? Eeker
oh yes, dreams about animals would be mighty relevant. yours sounds amazing! thanks for telling your dream. I loved reading about it! I would definetly check out what the white tiger can teach you. Incidentally, tigers represent power, passion, devotion and sensuality. (as in feeling passionate, or is one lacking/fearing passion and adventure?)I don't know if that tells you anything in regards to your dream...but worth checking out. I'd love to hear what you find!

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