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Good evening world.

Yonks ago, I managed to get my hands on a (very bootleg) tape containing a show Crowded House did in Sydney in 1988. Unfortunately, the quality (of the tape, not the music!) was pretty poor and I'm just wondering if anyone else has a good copy? It's the gig with an audience of (what sounds like) screaming teens who sound as if they thought they were watching The Backstreet Boys. Any help would be appreciated, as their performances of DDIO and Now We're Getting Somewhere are immense - it's a pity the tape sounds like they recorded it in their toilet.
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Originally posted by sylcar:
[qb]Could be live at the State Theatre in Sydney. It was broadcast by MTV so there is a video floating about as well as the audio.[/qb]
Yep, cheers mate, that sounds like the gig I'm looking for. I managed to track the set down to if anyone is interested. I'll have to keep my eye out for that video/audio recording.

I don't think this is entirely legal, but what I might do is record one of the tracks as MP3 and upload it onto the website I'm developing, if anyone is interested.

Camus is right the bootleg/fanclub CD is called
"state Of Mind"

here's the correct track listing

State Of Mind
When You Come
I Feel Possessed
Mansion In The Slums
Now We're Getting Somewhere
Love This Life
In The Lowlands
Hole In The River
Something So Strong
Mean To Me
Sister Madly
This Is Massive
Better Be Home Soon
So Emotional / Signs
Into Temptation
Live Sydney 25/8/88.

it's one of my favourite fanclub CD's.
a really fantastic show. Big Grin
Originally posted by Camus:
[qb]The gig was also filmed, and Channel V regularly used to air it. Their version included a very Split Enz version of Love You Till The Day I Die which isn't on the CD.[/qb]
Is that the version where Neil introduces the song half-speaking/half-singing in a deep voice, "love you till the day I die, yes I will love you till the day i die"?

I thought that was great. Alas, my copy was inadvertently destroyed. I think they did a nice version of Into Temptation too (different from State of Mind if that's possible).

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