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Dear Strangest Frenz

I hope you all are well and enjoying the Lightsleeping Finnwood Mac show so far!

As a small gesture to mark Neil’s 60th I will be creating him a gift of a photo memory book (inspired by the wonderful We got you book - still available and on Amazon now I think!!)

The intent will be to showcase photos of Neil with his Strangest Frenz - the premise is that he has these photos with fans taken over the years but then never sees them - I can include 40 photos and would love to include as many fans as possible

If you want to partake, please send your photo to

and include your full name and where the photo was taken - I’m not selling these - they are made by a 3rd party and I will fund the book for Neil - so no cash needed

The aim is to give him this on the UK tour in Jan - so the cut off date for entries is November 16th!

I will also be able to order copies, so if you want one for yourself please mention in the email and we can sort this at a later date - you will need to paypal me to order on your behalf as it will be linked to my personal account

Hope you’re all up for this &
Look forward to hearing from you!

And if you don’t have a photo with Neil to use.... get creative (Maybe a cardboard cut out!) - noone is excluded from this


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