Does anyone know of a store (internet) that still has one/some in stock?
I`ve searched the net, and went crazy after a few hundred book stores!

I have the Chunn approved scans of the book from the internet, but want the real thing (saves a lot of printing work, and is easier to read).
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I also purchased mine through an online bookstore in New Zealand and was just going through it (again) last night. A very good book, but as Phil Judd told me in 2001 (when I told him how much I enjoyed it) 'just remember that Chunn's book is only one person's perspective!!!'
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Frowner

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Frowner

You have to register to bid......

And you have to live is AUS or NZ to register.

Booooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

That's it.......I'm moving to Auckland! Wink
Hmm, on their Help page they say that people living outside NZ/Australia can buy but not sell through Trademe ... but on their Registration page they say that only NZ/Australians can register. Great public relations. Roll Eyes
aww man only one bid on the book, 15 hrs left, and the bidding is only at $14 dollars. I SOOOO wish I could bid!!!
I know this topic is over two months old; but when I came across it, I was reminded that I still have downloading to do of the online version of the book.

This forum (in its previous format) provided me with the name of the web site that was hosting Mike Chunn's page scans. It used to be bitzonline, but now it's something else. I know I recorded the name SOMEWHERE, but finding where I put it is another story Confused Wink.

Does anyone know the web site where Stranger Than Fictionis now residing? I thought it had the name "russell" in it. Sound familiar?

Thanks all Smiler.
Thanks so much for that. I've visited this link and will start printing and reading (until I can manage to buy the book on Ebay at some stage).
Excuse my manners, Flicker. I've just gotten around to thanking you for providing the link - only 4 months late Cool.

And that Links page on is fantastic. I don't recall visiting this page before, but it has every Finn-Enz-C.House web site imaginable. The pdf Finn Lyrics Interpretation Manual (FLIM) that's also linked there is the perfect companion piece to my Stranger Than Fiction book.

BTW, I also thought there was a Letters to my Frenz book in the making. Does anyone know if/when this book was completed and if it's for sale in book stores?
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Originally posted by OneWhoDreams:
BTW, I also thought there was a Letters to my Frenz book in the making. Does anyone know if/when this book was completed and if it's for sale in book stores?

The book has been proofread and should be heading off to the printers very soon. It's available through the fan club, and I'm guessing copies will be sent out after the Enz tour.
Much thanks, miss july. So I gather that this is a compilation created for fan club members only, and it won't be available for sale to the general public?

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