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Hi there, I hope the fine folks of this forum can help me.

I went to a Split Enz show here in Vancouver in what I think was the early 80's
It was at a place called the Kerridale arena. apparently Neil Finns first tour (according to Neil at last years NF show here)
I think that time and tide was already out .
is that possible?
Any body help with the date or at least a year

With Thanx
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Hi Teabag,

I've got a Canadian Vinyl Copy of Time and Tide and on the shrinkwrap it lists the Time and Tide Canadian tour dates in 1982. Vancouver is listed as 13 May 1982, there are 19 dates in all.

Incidentally the Split Enz video that MTV released was recorded at Hamilton - Concert Date 3 June 1982. It appears from time to time on Ebay.

Hope that's useful Wink


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    All times London, UK.

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