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Mal should be on the drums,but you will not be disappointed with Michael Barker on the drums I think he is a great drummer. I saw clips of him drumming on youtube and think he is great. He can do a great drum solo. Stop complaining. The 6 guys in the band line up is the best line up for me. Mal has not been a part of the Enz from 1981 and has only been the drummer on 1 of the many comeback tours.
Its probably not his talent that anyone is doubting Sam, just his place in the band. Smiler

He was never part of the Split Enz line-up, and this is a Split Enz reunion.

Nostalgia demands familiarity. Smiler Michael is an unknown, and certainly in the context of Split Enz. I hope it works. And as long as the Finns are there I'll be happy. There are probably reasons for this choice, but once again based on nostalgia, I would have loved to see Mal or one of the other guys standing up with them. Smiler
Well said, TR! It's not that we have anything against Michael, it's just that there are still so many other options, it's not like someone else *had* to be brought in as was the case with CH.

Hey it's not just the Finns that make Split Enz what they are TR! Razzer It would have been great to have Noel on drums again if not Mal. Clearly there's no question of Michael's technical ability, but as TR said it's about a feeling (I don't know that I'd call it nostalgia, but having said that I can't think of any better way of describing it).
Something like this has happened once before with the Enz. Way back in 1973, they briefly took an outsider on the road with them - a drummer called Div Vercoe. This was in the days when the band was sans drums.

Anyway, who knows, it could be great. I'm grateful there is an actual Enz line-up amongst the 6. Lest we forget the current "Guns n' Roses" (or is it really Axl Rose & Some Other Nobodies?) Roll Eyes
Gryph, if you're reading this, how about a Split Enz lanyard for mobile phones, or else just to hang around our necks? Cool Razzer I'd buy one. Cool

I thought of it the other day, when I saw one that I fancied, then suddenly thought, wish I could get one with "Split Enz" on it.

Okay, I know I'm uncool, and actually classify as daggy, but it never hurts to ask Big Grin

I'll be aiming for whatever merchandise there is.

I still haven't booked accommodation (waiting to see if my niece can actually come with me), but also waiting on any news of any more shows. Does anyone know anything? I thought of getting her to the shows by buying a ticket on Ripoffbay, but if the prices quoted above are the going rate, forget it. Mad

I hate dilemma's Big Grin
definitely have to get there early (or be prepared to hang around late) & pick up some enz merchandise. last time at christchurch (crowdies in november) the line was about 20minutes long, so i left to take my seat & watch pluto. who i'd never been much of a fan of, until seeing them live

also, after having seen the "one out of the bag" dvd & seeing all the fans dressed up in various enz era attire, i have to ask... anyone planning on attending in any stylish outfits?
Originally posted by Devil Abroad:
Here's Matinee Idyll and Withnail along with Crowded Dreams, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne,June 11,2007:

Hope the link works, I couldn't get the photo to open up here...

Matinee Idyll and I were in Row N. It was glorious.

See y'all in Auckland Big Grin.

That's the one, thanks Devil Abroad. It was indeed glorious.
You're more than welcome, hk. I'm dying to receive the dvd from the fan club--what a great night.

The spouse is sending me to NZ in March, bless his indulgent heart. Even after missing the presale, I ended up with third row seats for the Auckland show Smiler.

God bless the Finns and their work ethic. Tim will be in Philadelphia in February, Split Enz in March--2008 is looking pretty fantastic from here...
Well done Finngirl Big Grin It makes it start to seem real once you've done that, doesn't it?

I've just been online booking coach travel, ferry travel and accommodation in Auckland Eeker Still have Welly and Christchurch accommodation to book.

I'm locked in now. If they announce more shows, and I happen to have left that particular city, so be it. I didn't want to leave it any longer before booking anything, so decided to just go ahead and do it.

At any rate, if 3 shows is all I get to, I'm very grateful for that much. The bonus is that I get to look around a beautiful country for a bit longer than I did last time.

I'm spending most of my time this trip in Auckland. I'm looking so forward to going back. Things to do and see. Just hoping Dad doesn't take the opportunity and ask me to check out some cemetery somewhere in his pursuit of family history Roll Eyes Razzer Big Grin
Originally posted by Greatfox:
I do hope we get some new costumes out of this tour, especially now that Noel has everyone's measurements so Tim's pants won't fall down again!

And the problem with this would have been? Wink

I agree actually, new costumes would be great, however I can't say I'm holding out much hope really.
Originally posted by Semi-Detached:
Yay Finngirl! Another of the Frenz for me to hopefully meet up with at the Christchurch show! Woooooooooo! *Pencils Finngirl into virtual Frenz list* Big Grin

Sounds awesome !!!! I can't wait Smiler

I was wondering about what costumes might turn up myself, I did have a dream the guys came out wearing big suits in all different shades of blue with swirly patterns which the ripped off a couple of songs in to reveal to 2006 suits underneath..... but I don't think that will happen Wink

Though i would muck with this small time scalper, as you do. Roll Eyes

And point out to bidders that the face value is $93 N.Z.

Ha he's had no bids on his second auction for another 2 seats row E, and is offering them for $350. N.Z..
That's still double face value. Frowner

OK ok so i do have too much time on my hands. Roll Eyes

I would say that this is a very important issue,in that ticket scalpers are scum,and even more damaging,a business such as - condoning it. (To overlook, forgive, or disregard (an offense) without protest or censure.)
Semi-Detached wrote:
I don't mind as long as they are wearing costumes!

Let's not be too picky Big Grin Wink

I honestly have to say that I hope there's a change from what they wore in Australia. Razzer

Anything other than those cozzies would go down well with me. Wink

I'm also wanting to go cashed up for merchandise. I'm such a sucker for it. I missed out on the Time & Tide collared shirt which they had in Sydney, and which I chose not to buy there because in my wisdom I decided I'd get it closer to home, in Melbourne, but then found that they didn't even offer it in Melbourne. Frowner So if you see it, grab it (unless its the one with my name on it Big Grin).

I'm hoping the merch in New Zealand will be a bit different to what was in Australia. Wouldn't want to have 2 of everything, just to be able to say I'd got merchandise from New Zealand Razzer (No, I won't do that).

My niece is now coming with me too, so I feel honour bound to make sure I have enough to cover whatever merch she wants as well. Roll Eyes

Does anyone know whether camera's are allowed in the venues? Or to put it another way, does anyone know whether we are allowed to take photo's in these venues? Wink

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