One sleep count over, Hothouse Flowers tonight in Brissie Smiler Yeeeeeharrrrrr!

Enz count 45 sleeps?? to Brisbane not including the ever hopeful warmup gig PLEASE.....

Brisbane: June 7th = 43 Sleeps.

Sydney: June 8th = 44 Sleeps.
June 9th = 45 Sleeps.

Melbourne: June 11th = 47 Sleeps.
June 12th = 48 Sleeps.

Adelaide: June 14th = 50 Sleeps.

Perth: June 16th = 52 Sleeps.

Didn't know that Orchids could sing. Amazing what genetic engineering can do these days. Smiler
Ok, i know you're all dying to know,
so i've been hard at work with my abacus, & i've double checked it with my slide-rule, & it seems that there are..........................

Brisbane: June 7th = 41 Sleeps.

Sydney: June 8th = 42 Sleeps.
June 9th = 43 Sleeps.

Melbourne: June 11th = 45 Sleeps.
June 12th = 46 Sleeps.

Adelaide: June 14th = 48 Sleeps.

Perth: June 16th = 50 Sleeps.

& if you suffer insomnia, the good news is, there are no more sleeps.

Ooops, here comes the sandman. Smiler
I do have insomnia, how did you know. trouble is when I do sleep, I sleep walk so I never know how many sleeps I have left..mmmm so close you can almost taste it
Insomnia??!!! I think i meant Dysrythmia!! Eeker
Curse this sleep apnia. Where are the Wiggles when you need them.

Ok, so we are down to.........................

Brisbane: June 7th = 39 Sleeps.

Sydney: June 8th = 40Sleeps.
June 9th = 41 Sleeps.

Melbourne: June 11th = 43 Sleeps.
June 12th = 44 Sleeps.

Adelaide: June 14th = 46 Sleeps.

Perth: June 16th = 48 Sleeps.

& now a word on how to get the perfect night sleep from, Swami Pajama-nanda:

"OM & Peace"

Thanks Swami! Eeker

& thanks to Peter Green, who's working so hard, he has no time for sleep. Three cheers for Peter Green!! Smiler Hip Hip....................
Yeah--what happens when you cross the international date line? What if you can't sleep on the plane?

Or, what if you can? Does that count as 2 sleeps?

It's like lost time from The X Files...
All time on the plane counts as one day. It's just one big, long day. Wink

I went through this last year. Smiler

So excited for all of you. Wish I could be there. Smiler
Originally posted by BFine:
Yeah--what happens when you cross the international date line? What if you can't sleep on the plane?

Or, what if you can? Does that count as 2 sleeps?

It's like lost time from The X Files...

Yes it is! I cannot figure out where it goes BFine Confused We do not even get it back on the way home. Ugh, I hope I can sleep on the plane (BFine too, she's gonna need it for the whirlwind trip she's taking). I'm counting on the free cocktails for that Wink

*tosses some sugar cubes over to Horsey*
Yay! It's May....did anyone notice? Smiler May is right next to June....that means June is next....right after May. Come on May, finish already!! Smiler

Oh dear.....I'm getting slighty woozy now after that sorry display!!! Big Grin
I'm still trying to figure out how one 22 hour day can actually have two nights in it??? Confused

It happened to me too, brownie, the year 2005 held no July 29 for me...very strange!

Eh... aren't we getting slightly off topic??

And where is Seany??
Yes, where is Seany? The sleeps are getting less and less, even on this side of the world. I wish it could just be one big sleep and then awake to the Enz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wake up Charlie, er, I mean Seany!!!!!!!!! Wink
point 1. must hit op shops this weekend
point 2. Must buy the Rolling Stone mag on Wednesday
Point 3.Must buy concert ticket for Perth
point 4.Must get waistcoat embroided
point 5.

wave your hands in the air if you love The Enz
now what's the sleep count Wink
Okay another day over and it was a loooooong one, first day back at work from holidays, countdown is still on, next time off work the Enz will be touring Big Grin
Will fit in Simple Minds next week though, but its not the same.
Seany ????? You booked that Maguire's yet ??
36 days?
Sorry, must have dozed off.
Oh boy, this sleep apnia is really, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Look i'm just trying to make the time go faster, that's all.

Righti-ho then, where was i, ah yes. Sleep, the final frontier.

Brisbane: June 7th = 34 Sleeps.

Sydney: June 8th = 35 Sleeps.
June 9th = 36 Sleeps.

Melbourne: June 11th = 38 Sleeps.
June 12th = 39 Sleeps.

Adelaide: June 14th = 41 Sleeps.

Perth: June 16th = 43 Sleeps.

Yaaaaaaaaaawn, oh my that was very tiring. Perhapse i was a bear in my past life. Where's my doona gone??
Just have to phone Paddy McGuie.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
I'm glad you're back and awake Seany! (well, more or less anyway.) It's all much too complicated for me! Wink

What is Maguire's??? And where is it?
Yep, count me in guys....Brizzy and Melbourne here I come!!!!! I'm saving up for serious retail therapy in Melbourne on Bridge Road!!! How many sleeps Seany???
I'm almost running out of fingers & toes, although growing up in the shadow of a nuclear reactor does have its advantages. & who needs a night light.
Look i may not be able to spellbjhht, but i can count. & 1 + 1 = ELEVEN! Rock n' Roll!

So, erm back to the launch pad..............
Split Enz Reunion Concert will commence in T Minus......

Brisbane: June 7th = 32 Sleeps.

Sydney: June 8th = 33 Sleeps.
June 9th = 34 Sleeps.

Melbourne: June 11th = 36 Sleeps.
June 12th = 37 Sleeps.

Adelaide: June 14th = 39 Sleeps.

Perth: June 16th = 41 Sleeps.

& counting.
Mission Controll Out.
Can you hear me Major Tom?
Oh Hal, not the pod-bay doors again!
At the third stroke, it will be......

Brisbane: June 7th = 29 Sleeps.

Sydney: June 8th = 30 Sleeps.
June 9th = 31 Sleeps.

Melbourne: June 11th = 33 Sleeps.
June 12th = 34 Sleeps.

Adelaide: June 14th = 36 Sleeps.

Perth: June 16th = 38 Sleeps.

Just off to polish up the bling-bling. Smiler
Happiness is....

Waking about 6.20am tv automatically goes on and at 6.26am I view the Split Enz at Brisvegas concert ad for the first time, YEAH, what a way to wake up Smiler

ohhh, makes it all so real now doesnt it!
Sleepers awake!
The time is now! (or possibly then, depending where you are).

Brisbane: June 7th = 25 Sleeps.

Sydney: June 8th = 26 Sleeps.
June 9th = 27 Sleeps.

Melbourne: June 11th = 29 Sleeps.
June 12th = 30 Sleeps.

Adelaide: June 14th = 32 Sleeps.

Perth: June 16th = 34 Sleeps.

Just off to the somnambulists picnic.
Although last time the ants were of Dali-esque proportions. Eeker

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