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Part of the excitement for me is reading about all the wonderful and dedicated fans who are flying in for this. It is going to be a blast. And every time I think of the wonderful and dedicated fans flying in, the first name to spring to mind is... Suz Are you on a first-name basis with the flight stewards yet Suz? You can't be far off exchanging names and phone numbers?

That's why I change airlines every time, Texas Rose, to prevent the flight attendants from recognising me! (what, her again?? Neil Finn?? Split Enz?? Who are they?? She must be mad!) Roll Eyes

But thank you! Big Grin My good friend Demon in Lipstick is staying with ma at the moment and we're planning a lot of things, that is so much fun!! Cool

Brownie, I remember it being quite cold in Auckland when we were taling outside the Civic, but as I am always cold, maybe that doesn't mean anything. Smiler
Originally posted by suzanne:
Brownie, I remember it being quite cold in Auckland when we were taling outside the Civic, but as I am always cold, maybe that doesn't mean anything. Smiler

Yes, I do remember that you looked like you were freezing. I don't know...I didn't think it was that cold at all! Maybe it was all the adrenaline pumping through my body from just having seen a great Finn Bros show. Smiler
58 Days & counting.

Mild winters in Sydney & Brisbane, although can get a bit chilly in Melbourne during June, although i wouldn't think it will be snowing, so you probably won't need to bring snow jackets. If you are coming from sumer in the northern hemisphere, it might seem a little cold, although if you are used to very cold winters, you would probably be comfy in a t-shirt. I'll be taking a jacket, & if its windy & rainy, maybe a rain jacket, & possibly a scarf.
I shouldn't think that most Queenslanders would know what winter was. Big Grin Sunny one day, fine the next.
You can check the Beauro of Meteorology website closer to the date if you are a bit worried about what to pack.
I think a standard fleecy style jacket or jumper would more than keep the chills away. Still, with global warming, we may yet see penguins parading around the opera house! Eeker
shouldn't think that most Queenslanders would know what winter was. Sunny one day, fine the next.

You're spot on, that's why when I go on holidays I normally go overseas to a country that's experiencing winter. Although in saying that I do remember scraping ice of a friends car in Brisbane a few years ago and having an ice fight in the front yard, but that is very rare.

The only reason I have winter clothes is because of going to other countries in their winter. I have a duffle coat that is years old but is in pristine condition and boy has it travelled.

I'll be checking the temperatures the week before Melbourne to see how it is because I know that the weather there is so unpredictable.,,,Four seasons in one day!!!!! I was there in November a couple of years ago and the max was 13.
Just remember that when listening to the weather forecasters, 7 worlds, your guess is as good as theirs Roll Eyes Sometimes they do get it right though. Although with Rob Gel (on Channel 9) he speaks so fast, and spends so much time stumbling over words, that it doesn't matter whether its right or wrong - you don't get most of it anyway Big Grin Or maybe its only me Razzer

I'm quite sure that us Melbournites will provide weather updates in the lead up to the shows. As long as we don't get held accountable Wink

My dilemma isn't so much what to wear as whether to drive and park, or whether to go public transport.

Does anyone know what the parking is like around Rod Laver, and whether you then have to wait for 3 or 4 hours to get out of the car park after the gig? Eeker I don't fancy that. Not sure that I fancy a walk in the dark to the station either.

Kazzie - are you there? You seem to have been to every venue known to man Wink Any tips as to transport?
Although with Rob Gel (on Channel 9) he speaks so fast, and spends so much time stumbling over words, that it doesn't matter whether its right or wrong - you don't get most of it anyway

That's because he's a QUEENSLANDER!!! He He!!!

Yeh, I'll be packed and ready for rain, wind and bloody cold. That's what I reckon it will be for us northerners.
Parking at Rod Laver......hmmmmm....well, last time I was there was for the tennis in January but we'd been at work so had parked in the city and took the tram back.
When we saw the The Eagles & David Bowie, we parked at Olympic Park which has quite a large car park $6.00 - I think(?). It's only across the road but like you've imagined, getting out after the gig takes a bit of time. There is a car park at Rod Laver but I've never in my life used it and don't know anyone who has - maybe someone else can help here.
Transport is not a problem. The train stations Jolimont and Richmond are really close by and even Flinders Street is only 15 min walk. I know it may be cold but it won't be a dark walk back to Flinders Street as it's quite popular along the river and it's lit up quite well. Also, after a concert there's always hundreds of people walking along with you! There is a tram (#70) that drops you right at the door behind the arena in Batman Avenue - this goes back to Flinders Street train station and Richmond (I believe). They run these trams well since there's quite a crowd that comes out after a concert but they have it all controlled pretty well. It's actually quite a lot of fun getting on these trams if you've come from a concert as everyone on them has been to the same concert and you can get quite a good singalong crowd!!
Don't know much about buses, never use them!!
Hope that helps guys!
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That helps heaps Kazzie - brilliant Big Grin Thanks so much. Its sounding as though public transport is the way to go.

I'll have my 13 year old niece with me on the Sunday night but if there are a lot of people around it shouldn't be a problem.

I remember after the Hamer Hall gig - I parked along St Kilda Road. It was a bit of a jog back to the car, but very well lit, and that wasn't a situation where lots of cars were trying to get out of a confined space all at the same time. I simply pulled away from the kerb and away I went. Plus I had hung around at the stage door, so a lot of the crowd had gone anyway.

If I'm on public transport, that may change the choice of jacket Roll Eyes

However, its is a dilemma that I'm absolutely delighted to have Big Grin
Yeah, as dilemmas go, this one isn't bad, is it?
I think I'll just take a summer jacket and a fleece jacket to go underneath it, if it is cold.
It doesn't sound like it's going to be any colder down there in June, than it is here now, so if that's the case, I can't be bothered to lug a winter coat around. I probably won't wear it, so it'll just be in the way. Smiler
57 sleeps till the Split Enz Concert in Sydney.

It is a sad day today. My pregnant girlfriend & i split up today. I had only just come to terms with the loss of a loved one, & now this. She said to me via sms that she wanted to raise our child on her own, & wanted me to come & get my things. Frowner I was left totally gutted. I thought is there something beyond wiggy? Is the child mine? Is it someone else's? Was there a someone else all the time? Was she ever even pregnant? Why so soon after my loss does this happen? & via sms??? My faith in humanity has been sadly tested today. Man's inhumanity to man leaves me very sad today indeed. Frowner
57 seven sleeps away, & the sun will rise tomorrow. Smiler
Strangely my love of Split Enz remains undiminished. Why is this so?
Oh Seany, I am so sorry. I can only hope that this was just a bit of wiggy-ness on your girlfiend's part. Try to hang in there and ride out the storm. Your love of the Enz remains undeminished b/c they are a true constant in your life and their music is "happy music." Trust me, play some for yourself. It always helps me to feel better. I'm playing a bit of Time & Tide right now as I need a pick-me-up before work.

Not as devastating as your news, but I had to put one of my beloved pets to sleep last night. Been crying since. Much Enz playing here.

Feel better dear Seany. Or at least try to. Keep counting those sleeps!
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Oh God, Seany, I am so very sorry. Maybe this is something temporary, I wouldn't jump to any conclusions. I think you need to have a good talk with your girlfriend. You deserve some straight answers and reasoning for all this.

Hold on for now. As silly as it sounds, I have seen some truly unbelievable changes in women due to hormones, including myself. They can turn your world upside down. She could just be very confused right now. I hope that's all it is.

It seems odd that she would have so joyfully told you about your baby to be if there was someone else involved or if she had other plans in mind. So, hold tight.

Try to lean on your friends. Friends are life savers! And, we are all here as well. Post to us, PM us, e-mail us, whatever. And, lean on the Enz, Crowdies, Finns, etc. I know how their music can get us thru tough times.

Take care of yourself, mate. I'll be thinking of you. Frowner

Oh my god Seany, I am so sorry to hear this, and so sad for you, please take care of yourself and remember what the posts before mine have said. I am shocking with words at times like these, but know our thoughts are with you and I hope things will soon improve greatly for you, because you deserve happiness.
PM me whenever you need and know your Frenz are here. big hug.
God Seany, I'm really sorry to hear that. You didn't need any more bad news this week, did you?
Hopefully it is just down to 'wigginess' (I like that word, never heard it before Smiler).
Like Finngirl, I'm not particularly good at knowing what to say either, but I just wanted you to know, we're all thinking of you.
I've just been made aware that this topic has gone COMPLETELY off topic. This topic has become extremely personal, which is not allowed on the frenz side of this site. I'm closing the topic, and I ask that people NOT post about their personal lives here. I think if my boyfriend posted this type of stuff about me in a forum read by thousands of people, I'd consider dumping him too. Smiler

If anybody wants to write about Split Enz live AND keep it about that, please start a new topic.

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