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Good vibes will dfinitely be coming your way Half-Full. And, I am still part of the Edmonton/anywhere on our continuent campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still need that good excuse to get back up to Canada!

Thanks Kelly for the Blinky Bill story. Awwwwww. Smiler

Is the Paddy's (had to edit, got name wrong 1st time Confused) meet-up still the plan for Sydney? I've just got to meet you all!
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my Nana recently passed away, & ive been busy organising her funeral, & tending to my grieving grandad. It has been a bit of a sad time. But life goes on, eventually. Smiler
Who's Blinky Bill i hear you ask?? Why he's a talking koala! Eeker Kind of like Yogi Bear, but with gumtrees.

64 Sleeps To Go!! Boy this year is going fast. April already. This Sunday it will be 2 months exactly till the Sydney Split Enz Concert. Although i get the feeling that i won't be sleeping much the night before the concert, so technically that will be 63 sleeps. Big Grin
So sorry to hear your sad news Seany. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

I got the scoop on Blinky Bill Wink I'm hoping he will join us all at the Sydney show. Thanks for those sleep counts. Don't think I'll be getting much sleep either. I'll be in Sydney all week and there is so much I want to do/see. Plus all the SE excitement, I don't think I'll have much time for sleep. I suppose that is what 21 hour plane trips are for!
So sorry to hear about your Nan, Seany. Not an easy time for you or the family. You're in my thoughts at the moment.
Kazzie wrote:
The excitement is really building. Can't wait for all the media to hit. It will be like the old days when they were in the news all the time!!!

I loved it when you could open any magazine and there were the Enz - on a regular basis Big Grin I miss that Cool
Seany, I am really sorry about your Nana. I know it's a hard time for you!

I loved it when you could open any magazine and there were the Enz - on a regular basis I miss that

You guys were so lucky... Smiler Even now, there is absolutely nothing in the news over here, nothing at all. Which makes me seem even weirder I guess.... Split Who?? I don't care!! Cool
Thank you Kiers10, hk, Kazzie, Texas Rose, suzanne (i know exactly where Denmark is thankyou very much! Big Grin), Kelly Timtam, Magbolt & Half-Full
for all your wonderful thoughts & condolences. It brings a tear to my eye. It really means a lot & it helps heaps, so thanks a million guys & gals one & all.

& my girlfriend has just told me that we are to be having a baby in early December! Eeker It's been quite a roller-coaster of a week. The good news is that the new edition will be attending the Split Enz Concert on the 9th, so the Enz Live Vibe will hopefully turn bubby to be into an instant fan.
But i digress,
63 Sleeps till June the 9th Split Enz Concert. Smiler

Is it normal for pregnant women to be so wiggy?
Originally posted by Seany.:

Is it normal for pregnant women to be so wiggy?

Haha. Depends what you mean by wiggy, Seany! Razzer During pregnancy I've been known to be many things that I usually am not. Can't say that I was ever described as wiggy, though. Crazy maybe, among other things....... Big Grin Wink
And, yes, in utero exposure helps! Well, it did for mine, for a while anyway. The girl's still good, but the boy has moved on, sadly.

I am sorry to hear about your Nana. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Rollercoaster of a week, indeed!

Take care of your beloved and the new little one.
I'm so sorry to here about your nana Seany, my thoughts are with you and your family, truely.
and congrats on the baby news, wow some happiness during this emotional time.

as for a name, if ever had a child, I'm serious in always liking Finnlay for a gal. the boy names I like are'nt that 'cool' at the mo it seems and I also like more unusual names for girls (September for one !!)

but yeah, I'm so sorry for your loss and so happy for your light. conflicting emotions from me I guess.
What on earth is 'wiggy' ? A please explain thanks, in my best Pauline accent.
Congrats on the arrival, hope all goes well with your beloved, now make sure you take extra good care of her and bow down to whatever she says. LOL Finn's an excellent name by the way, that's what i named my son, just FINN. Now we'll catch up on all the gossip and have lots of stories to share at Paddy's.

Bring on JUNE !!!
Originally posted by Kiers10:
What on earth is 'wiggy' ? A please explain thanks, in my best Pauline accent.

"Wiggy" is like nutty with hormones!

In that case, yep. It's normal, infact it is to be expected. I was very wiggy with both of mine.I thought it might have toey. I was that, too. Toeier than a roman sandal! Mr Penny wasn't complaining. Razzer
Thank you 7Worlds, Tracy, Penny, & Mrs H.P.

& thank you for your congrats & wishes. Yes the name Finn has been mentioned, although at the moment, we (she actually) have come up with Liam for a boy, & Abbey if its a girl. But who knows, if Australia beat Brazil in the World Cup, i will seriously consider Guus, suzanne! Big Grin
Um & Guusje if its a girl. Sounds vaguely Danish. Smiler

& thanks to Kiers10, & Penny for the word on wiggy. Nutty with hormones, oh & toey.
Tell Pauline from me Kelly Timtam, that it's all about the "chocolate covered pickles" really, & she should have stayed in the fish n Chip shop, (Pauline that is).

Hmm, Finn. Will seriously consider that. Good thing im not a Ramshtein fan.

62 days & counting.

Dictionary of Slang says:
Wiggy: odd, bizarre, unpleasant, disturbing, intoxicatd with narcotics.
Couldn't find hormonal. Probably just as well. Smiler
& Computer says "no", cough!
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Hmm well the Lachlan and Liam were just too popular for my liking 5 years ago so being 'wiggy' I got my Finn name in, then while i'm there and the doctors have just pulled him out, hub pipes in with "what about Ian for a 2nd name?", what on earth else are you going to say at that moment !! Huh? LOL oh well.

Do hope Nigel's getting on alright now too after his Dad's passing, seems to be the end of the season and time for some.

Shall we all play family spotting at the shows other than Frenz and OTS'ers? Hoping Richard makes a return journey over, best of health to him, seemed to thoroughily enjoy himself last time. A bit of ol'Enzer spotting as well, hopefully they'll be on stage though. Did I mention I can't wait.

Anyone in a frenzy of buying new winter clothes, especially us poor Queenslanders who only own a few jumpers & jackets?? LOL oh to get a bigger memory card, yes that would be for the camera as one isn't available for humans yet, decisions, decisions. Budget, budget.
We saw Richard in Hamilton last August, he seemed to be in very good health! It would be nice to see him again. I've got a feeling Liam may be around somewhere as well... good plan Kelly!

Winter clothes??? I guess I just have to pack the same clothes I'm wearing now (more or less), as it's still below zero at night and about 8 degrees during the day... Roll Eyes

I really didn't think about that when we went over to NZ last year, so I actually had to buy a wintercoat (well two actually, as there was a sale going on Wink). And then on the way home my suitcase disappeared... I got most of it back in the end, only not the Vegemite!! Very strange!!
Winter clothes??? I guess I just have to pack the same clothes I'm wearing now (more or less), as it's still below zero at night and about 8 degrees during the day...

I'm with Suzanne. However, it's not quite so freezing here! We've just begun to feel hints of spring here.

Will we need winter coats? I thought winter in Oz was pretty mild!
When I was in Sydney last August, it was absolutely *freezing* in the morning and at night. I really wished I had brought a winter coat, or at the very least, a pair of gloves. I didn't buy one while I was there because I was only there for a few days, so I just suffered through it.

However, I was in NZ the week before that (I went to some of the same Finn shows that Suzanne went to), and I thought it was quite mild. All I wore was a sweater with a denim jacket over it, and I was quite comfortable, even late at night.
Firstly, I was thrilled to read about your impending fatherhood Seany, so many congratulations, especially after such sad news. It really is a case of the circle of life, isn't it?

My advice: definitely bring coats people Big Grin

The very worst that can happen is that you won't need to use them.

Not sure about Sydney in June, but Melbourne can be pretty chilly, so better to be prepared.

I'm wanting to wear a Finn Brothers or Split Enz t-shirt (preferably SE) to the concert. That would mean a jacket to get to the venue, then take it off inside, which means I then have to carry it Frowner I think I don't want to do that. What are other people planning to do?

I have a Split Enz badge which I got from the very last Camberwell Fair which I want to wear as well.

If this had been the '80's I could have aimed for an '80's Split Enz-type "do" for my hair - however I'm just not going to go there Big Grin Plus I don't have enough hair Wink (growing it out but still very short).

There are some things which it would just be down-right wrong to revisit Big Grin

The excitement factor hasn't gone into overdrive yet but every now and again, I get a rush of blood to the head Razzer

Part of the excitement for me is reading about all the wonderful and dedicated fans who are flying in for this. It is going to be a blast. And every time I think of the wonderful and dedicated fans flying in, the first name to spring to mind is... Suz Big Grin Are you on a first-name basis with the flight stewards yet Suz? You can't be far off exchanging names and phone numbers? Big Grin

I'd like to think that we will all get a chance to say hi to everyone coming in. That would be a highlight Smiler
Rod Laver has a cloak room, Texas Rose. Actually several of them around the foyer areas. You can leave your coat there. There may be a fee though, I've never used them. If you are wearing a tshirt, you would definately need a coat in June. Eeker And Queens Birthday weekends in Melbourne always tend to be cold and damp!
I'd like to wear a SE tshirt. I used to have a True Colours logo shirt years and years ago but have no idea what happened to it.
I wonder if I could make one? Roll Eyes

Congratulations Seany - that is absolutely the best news I've heard all week. You and your girlfriend must be so thrilled!! Smiler
Hmm Queen's birthday weekend is usually when the cold fingers of winter start wrapping round you in Qld too. Now there's a difference in the fall/autumn jacket to a winter coat? Never heard of such a thing in Brissie its just a jacket. hmmmmmm Cloak rooms sound good, don't want to freeze in between pubs and venues.
Is the Laver arena same size as Brisbane Ent Ctr?
Kiers sounds like Paddy's is still the go on the friday night in Sydney.
Luckily I think I've got enough winter clothes to get me by....makes note to get duffle coat dry cleaned. It's hard for those of us who really aren't used to cold weather to know what to wear and take. I figure, jeans, jumper and coat and a vest in case it is really cold!!!! The thing I don't like about the cold is that it's cold outside and all the buildings are heated so you spend the whole time taking layers off and putting them back on!!!
7 worlds wrote:
The thing I don't like about the cold is that it's cold outside and all the buildings are heated so you spend the whole time taking layers off and putting them back on!!!

That's my problem too 7 worlds Big Grin

I get very overheated when its warm, but get freezing when its cold Roll Eyes Its such a pain.

I have a beautiful full length woollen coat which would be fabulous outside but I would roast inside. The cloak room is an option (thanks for that info Kazzie Big Grin) although in all the excitement would I remember to go and collect the cloak Razzer

I might just wear my lined Just Jeans jacket which is nice and warm outside but is also fairly easy to hang onto if I take it off. I can also whip it off if I need to display anything Enz underneath Wink

Its either that or my denim jacket, which would probably be too cold outside at night in June.

I know for a fact that I'll be hot inside, because if its at all possible I intend to be jumping around to the music Big Grin Even if I end up having to do it in my seat (gee I hope not Frowner)

Its now April so I'll ring Rod Laver Arena again and see whether they have been told whether people must remain in their seats. It was suggested that I ring back in April since they would probablyhave more of an idea then. I'll post the response back here - I'll just have to remember which thread it was in Big Grin
Will a short trench coat cut it in Melbourne in June? With a sweater underneath?

How cool that the Rod Laver Arena has cloak rooms! That seems so much more civilized than bunching up your winter coat and trying to keep it from falling off your seat while you're dancing.

We will be dancing, right? How can we not be dancing? Please let us know what you learn from the overlords, Texas Rose!

Originally posted by 7 worlds:
I think we'll be fine, we'll just have to keep an eye on the temperatures the week before so we know what to pack.

That's my plan 7 Worlds! Also, it appears that the Sydney Ent. Ctr. also has a cloak room. I just love how civilized Oz is. I think my hotel is just across the road though, so maybe I can just run for it in the cold Wink Will definitely be packing a coat though.

My dear friend who lives just outside of Sydney advised me that I will need a "jacket" but not an "overcoat." Hmm. Think I need to watch the weather anyway.

Thanks Kelly re: Paddy's. Can't wait to meet everyone! Is there anything set for the pre-June 8 show? I do not think I will be going, but would love to stop by a meet-up if possible.
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