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There seems to be alot of weird Enz stuff out there - especially compilations. I'm not sure how many are authorised but there seems to be quite a few...
Which poses me to ask you this question - What is the wierdest Split Enz compilation you've seen and why? If you have the compilation include details (track listings etc.)
Well I own 2 :
The Best Of Split Enz
Titus/Matinee Idyll (129)/Time For A Change/Lovey Dovey/Bold As Brass/My Mistake/Crosswords/Give It A Whirl/I See Red/I Got You/I Hope I Never/One Step Ahead/History Never Repeats/Dirty Creature/Six Months In A Leaky Boat/Message To My Girl
Liner Notes: Glen A Baker
Interesting Fact: Instead of the traditional I See Red jolty stop they fade it out! Also with Six Months, they cut the whole piano ending out of the song!

The Split Enz Collection 1973-1984
You've probably already of this one. 2 LP set - 22 Tracks and the whole Side 2 on LP2 is the best of Neil's tracks on Conflicting Emotions and See Ya Round!

Realesed on: Concept Records
Released: 1985 (I think)
Compiled by: Glen A Baker, Nigel Griggs and Split Enz (Nigel was apart of Split Enz!!! So why'd they give him single credits ... I can smell a rat...!)
Liner Notes: Glen A Baker

Get the idea....

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To answer the topic at hand...well, they're all "weird", aren't they? They're SpLiT eNz!! Wonderfully weird! BUT the comp that I got, that was my fav, is Enz of An Era- because it has "Another Great Divide" on it. Had never heard it before, loved it...still do!

And now (fast forward a million years), in front of me are three SE comps I made for (my) Neil, while we were a courtin', lol.. I have fallen in love with them all over again! I guess I had severe burn out, because I only have 2 (!?!) SE songs on my mobile music player! THAT changes *today*
Swooon~~~~and now that I know some guitar, I am going to have a BLAST learning some of these gems...or at least trying to! Look out fingertips!

It's good to take a break every now and then... ;- )

My first contact with the Enz was coming across a copy of the original edition of "History never repeats" -- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wik...Enz#US_version,_1987 -- in a used-CD-store. This is, all things considered, a pretty mainstream compilation, since none of the fantastic early tracks pre -1979 are included, but it served well as an introduction to a CH-fan.

The compilation I like best is "Spellbound".

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