The voting for this years Foxtel "1000 Greatest Songs Of All Time" has now commenced-and you can cast a vote over the next 3 days. There are 9 Split Enz songs to choose from. The Enz did exceptionally well last year- so please if you can spare ten seconds- cast a vote. You can vote if you live overseas too but you'd need to click on an aussie State (Victoria) on the final voting form. C'mon Frenz lets get the Enz in the top 10.
Simply go to the link below & type Split Enz in the search area on the vote page to bring up the 9 Enz songs. Thanks everyone. x

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Yeah they dont release the final 1000 list till after the clips have been shown, so not for a few days.  Good to see "Don't Dream" at #317, higher then last year when it climbed to #339.  I'm expecting good things from "Better be Home Soon" and "I Got You".  Thanks again for voting. 

The results we care about*:

24. Better Be Home Soon

80. Message To My Girl

105. Weather With You

317. Don't Dream It's Over

349. Distant Sun

380. I Got You

446. Four Seasons in One Day

476. Six Months in a Leaky Boat

481. It's Only Natural


* Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" at 988? Ripped off!

A big thank you to the Frenz who voted in the "1000 Greatest Songs Of All Time"

A really positive result:

#481- It's Only Natural (up 11 spots on last years vote)
#476- Six Months In A Leaky Boat (debut)
#446- Four Seasons In One Day (up 506 spots on last years vote)
#380- I Got You (Up 81 spots on last years vote)
#349- Distant Sun (Up 19 spots on last years vote)
#317- Don't Dream It's Over (Up 19 spots on last years vote)
#105- Weather With You (Up 16 spots on last years vote )
#80- Message To My Girl (Up 21 spots on last years vote)
#024- Better Be Home Soon (Same position as last year).

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