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Hey all, I've just spent the afternoon working out the chords to Split Ends. The bit at the end ("writing letters to my frenz, telling them all about Split Ends") is slightly iffy, but the rest of the song is fine. Enjoy!

“Split Ends” - Split Enz

Chords Used:
A - 002220
Asus4- 002230
C#m - x46654
Dsus2 - 000230

Intro: A   Asus4   A   Asus4   x2

Verse 1

A                               Asus4
Writing letters to my frenz
Telling them all about split ends
A                                     C#m
Watching flowers hit the floor
C#m                                                Dsus2
Why can't he see, there's so much more?
A                                  Asus4
Four of one, twenty of another
It's all the same to me brother
A                                    C#m
Never know these days mother
C#m                        Dsus2
I might still be your lover

Fiddle solo: A   Asus4   A   Asus4   x2


Verse 2
A                            Asus4
Nothing else is so obscene as
Coffee beans and smoke machines
A                                     C#m
Take your daughter for a ride
C#m                                    Dsus2
Let her know you’re on her side
A                                           Asus4
Guess there's no words can beat
The Sunday treat where riga mortis meet
A                                         C#m
Wish you never found your feet
C#m                              Dsus2
Sniffing tow jams really neat

Flute solo: A   Asus4   A   Asus4   x2


A                               Asus4
Writing letters to my frenz
                                                 A       C#m
Telling them all about Split Ends

End on A

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