It would have to be DDIO!!! im only 15 but ive loved CH for as long as i can remember!! so when the Farewell To The World DVD came out my parents got it for me. The first time I watched it, i was bawling my eyes out at the end when i heard DDIO and i heard the emotion in it because I didnt want them to be over even though they had already been over for 10 years!! But everytime I heard that song I would cry for CH cause I never thought that I would see Ch perform live. Then when I heard they reformed and were peforming at live earth I begged my parents for tickets just to go and see CH, when I finally heard DDIO it was amazing, its the happiest Ive ever being!!
Silent House is the other one that can put tears in my eyes!!
Sunset, DDIO on the Farewell DVD gets me in tears as well, and for the same reasons. The thought of them as a band, being over etc

I could cry just thinking about it now!

Roll on December! Smiler
I know just what you mean!!!
Even thinking about it sometimes used to set me off after hearing that version of DDIO!! People would come up to me and ask me what was wrong and all I would say Crowded House and people would just say leave her be shes having a CH loss moment!!
DDIO from FTTW used to get me every single time too, until fairly recently. It was on Video Hits or something one day when I was in the waiting room at the doctors and I was so relieved when the doctor came out - didn't want to be sitting in the waiting room crying!
Out of the new/Time On Earth songs it has to be A Sigh. 'This show is not fooling anyone...' That line always gets me.

Out of the classic/before TOE I would say Together Alone 'cause the first time I played it to my Girlfriend we just sat there in each others arms and shared a wonderful moment.
I recently received some life-altering news--and not the good kind. And I held myself together really well for 24 hours. Then, prompted by a post on this forum, I put on headphones, lay back on the bed in my father's guest room, and listened to the alternate version of People Are Like Suns, from the She Called Up single.

Now, those of you who have heard this version know that Neil sings in a quiet, vulnerable, almost fragile voice. And you know that he cuts the first chorus short, without explaining the title metaphor, thus building the song's tension. And when the reveal finally came at the end of the second verse--"They are burning up inside"--I just lost it. I cried for about ten minutes.

I've since listened to the album version and a couple of live versions, and they've moved me as they always do--I love the song. But they haven't reduced me to a blubbering mess. I'm not sure I dare listen to the alternate version again.
Don't Dream It's Over will always be a terjerker for me. It is just written and performed so beautifully... and yet I can't ever skip it. It's almost therapeutic to let it wash over me.

Another one, the first that I truly identified with, is Not the Girl You Think You Are. The guys played this at the Aug. 13 Toronto show... and I just about lost it. THIS was the song that cemented my love for the band.

Last year in university, I had probably the roughest day in awhile... and in my car's CD player, How Will You Go came on shuffle. I had to pull over because I couldn't see the road through my tears. I guess it just shows that at certain points in your life, things just set them off.

When I first heard Silent House, I sang along through tears too. It's so... well, I already used beautiful. But you understand.Smiler

Lastly, Pour Le Monde. Especially at the aforementioned show... wow. I was thisclose to bursting out in tears. Thank God I held it in as right after Neil started reading my card lol! But honestly, I think it fits in perfectly with the world today and all the crazyness going around with war and confusion and so forth.

What can I say, I guess Crowded House is my shrinkWink
Just got another one. I bought the Calgary and Winnipeg gigs from Kufala. Much better than a T-shirt. I was listening to disk 2 of Winnipeg in the Westy before closing the door and transforming into the Professor. I decided to listen to BBHS, but didn't know there was an add on. Must have missed it in the posts after Winnipeg. Well, Neil started into Neil Young's Helpless. When he sang the line "There is a town in north Ontario", I just lost it. And I'm from BC, originally! Just something about the Canadiana and Neil's attention to detail, knowing NY is from Winnipeg, essentially. Reminded me of The Last Waltz. Very poignant.

Didn't make me cry, but DDIO live Farewell To The World does put a feeling into my heart, considering it's Hessie's last performance with CH...

All I Ask has a bit of sentiment to it as well, as does How Will You Go...
I don't comment here often but this topic just struck close to home, I guess. Over the last two years, the songs of CH and Neil Finn have followed me through the grief of my father's sickness and passing, a really wrenching and exhausting time. In general the songs feel very soothing and comforting to me but I found there were several songs, or lines of songs, that felt so true to what my family was going through, they'd hit me in a way that hurt and comforted at once. She Goes On, and How Will You Go, both of those. For some reason, the beautiful harmony on She Goes On, at the line "painting ladders to heaven" -- still can't hear that without choking up. More than any other song, though, Together Alone became like a musical talisman for a long time.

Together alone, above and beneath
We were as close as anyone can be
Now you are gone, far away from me
As is once will always be
Together alone

Together alone, shallow and deep
Holding our breath, paying death no heed
I'm still your friend, when you are in need
As is once will always be
Earth and sky, moon and sea.

It's made me cry over and over but for me there is real hope in those lines. Maybe as much as anything there's a quality in Neil's voice at certain times. He can sound so incredibly compassionate.

I was through the most intense phase of it when TOE came out but English Trees gives me the same wrenching sense of recognition. Everything following "I must be wise somehow--"

On a different note, I sometimes get tears in my eyes listening to "Nothing Wrong With You," too. "Remember how it made you hurt, even as you fight to go on. Turn it into something else, turn it into something else." It's the way Neil's voice nearly breaks and the empathy in the lines that get to me, I think. The compassion, again. Smiler
Compassion, yes! That's the word that I connect with Neil's music too. It's like a comforting hug sometimes when you need a really good cry.

For me it's still Silent House. Heard it live in Vienna again, and it nearly moved me to tears... actually it's been 4 months to the day that my dear grandpa died, and still.

Something about hearing it live made it even more powerful.
Good thread....

Inetresting...I find with CH what I feel is a kiler song my non CH freinds don't really apprieciate at all. I would say that 'A Sigh'is defiantely a killer song, its sends goosebumps down my spine at every listen. Same with 'Together Alone'. I also loved 'Fall At Your Feet' and 'Sinner' is pretty cool as well.
Indeed, you Frenz rock, in a sensitive kinda way. I have learned a lot reading your posts. I hadn't made the connection of PALS with cancer. And I hadn't listened to TA for a long time. For me Sinner resonates very strongly. It speaks to that inner turmoil when one knows the difference between something that is right and something that feels good, but choses the latter. I agree that there are some killer lines in English Trees, but the song takes you many places and isn't all melancholy for me.

L II, if the PALS comment is directed at my post above, I should clarify: I don't have cancer (although the central lyric certainly could encompass that). But I was recently diagnosed with MS. As part of the process, I got to see an MRI of my brain, which showed inflammation in the areas where my nerves and axons were under attack from my immune system. So when I heard Neil singing about people "burning up inside," it was devastating.

PALS thus is personal for me. But it's broader, too. I remember when I first saw the title, some time last year, people around here were speculating about how exactly people were like suns, and most of the suggestions, though plausible, were rather unremarkable (no offense intended to folks here--there's a reason Neil's been able to make a living at this kind of thing and most of us haven't, and there's no shame in that). So I was a bit nervous when I first listened to the song last July (months before my diagnosis). And when the line came--"they are burning up inside"--I let out a sigh. It's a lovely, ambiguous, multilayered line into which so much can be read: brilliant, illuminating, but self-consuming too, and more.
Jeff. Yet again the many and varied interpretations of lyrics come through. I thought of PALS at first in reference to Paul. That he had so many thoughts that they burned within him. Then reading the posts here, I thought of my Dad, as cancer ate away his insides. These lyrics really do rip us apart, even as they comfort.

Jeff, our prayers and thoughts to you as you continue on!
I can get worked up prettty easily, but the ones that move me most are from Everyone Is Here, as I met the cd as a result of the death of a child at my children's school...long story. So having lost both of my parents, and with that newer loss fresh in mind, the melancholy on that cd resonated with me. "All the Colours" hits home every time.

On the new release, I almost feel like I'm intruding when I listen to "A Sigh" and "You Are the One to Make Me Cry," they're so intimate and private sounding.
Silly and self-centered of me to assume that you were referring to me, L II. I'm very sorry about your dad.
Good thread! Hands down the one song & version that just turns on the faucets is Neil & the crowd singing 'Better be Home Soon' at the ARIAS for Paul. Sigh.

Jeff, like LII day at a time. Your comments when I was in a dark place helped, let me return the favor. I always listen to 'Never Be The Same' when I need a emotional/mental pick me up!

I could still have an easy life
But the lie aint worth the living
Once more will I hear you say

We might still survive
And rise up through the maze
If you could change your life
And never be the same
You know, I can still barely watch that raptorjen Frowner

warm thoughts, hugs and positive vibes to all our Frenz dealing with unpleasant news and hard memories right now

Thanks folks. It was some years ago and we have all survived and subsequently thrived. Which is often the message we can read into these lyrics. My Dad was a bit of a Mood Swingin' Man. It was interesting in Calgary to hear Neil talk about his Dad just waking up to his first scotch about the time of the gig. I can relate, but I don't indulge in scotch until at least 10 AM.

Jeff, I was thinking about you and appreciate your candor. I have a cousin with MS for the pat 10 years and he continues fight on.

I am very sorry about your Dad too. Although I rarely post here, I read most of the post and feel sad when someone has gone through something like that.

Ever since Don't Dream Its Over was dedicated to Paul Hester (Finn Brothers show, couple of years back), I get all teary when I hear it. A more recent tear-jerker song for me is Pour Le Monde.

I too lost my Dad- last month in fact. He had early onset dementia and passed away at the age of 60 on Sept 4.
Most sad sounding songs get me going at the moment actually.... Frowner

The Crowdies have given me something to finally look forward to on Nov 8 when they play in Melbourne. Can't wait Smiler

60 is too young. Strange how the universe aligns sometimes. Sept. 4 is the day after my own birthday.

When my Dad passed, my wife was pregnant with our second son. A dear friend of mine said something very comforting, and very Neil Finn, "And yet the circle of life rolls on..."

My Dad was a great music lover. Nat King Cole was his favorite; and he also had an incredible big band vinyl collection. He was relieved when I started listening to Crowded House instead of my more typically head-banger music.

Hang in there. It gets better.

Thank you Lester II for your words. Yes hopefully it will get better and I can move on a little in time. The agony of seeing a loved one disappear slowly before you is awful as there is absolutely nothing you can do. You feel so helpless don't you?

The day Dad passed away was also his parent's Wedding Anniversary and his brother's birthday. My Nan said he chose a special day. Exactly two weeks afterwards, it was my birthday (18th)!

I am sorry your Dad didn't have the pleasure of meeting your second child.
What your friend said to you is very comforting. A friend of ours had their first baby on my birthday and I'll always secretly believe that he has taken my Dad's place on this Earth.

I'm a fan of 70s and 80s rock, as well as Crowdies of course. I like a wide range of music actually- different music for different moods. I find listening to CH is more self reflecting/comforting and I can relate to it in many ways.
These four lines out of 'As Sure As I Am' ..
I want everything you throw out
I'll do anything you want to

Please let me go with you
I'll wear the smile on your face

... can nail me.

The request, the despair, the ambition, the consolation - I associated all of it with meeting my wife and the fortune for having found her.

And years later I still do.
"I want everything you throw out, I'll do anything you want to .... Please let me go with you"

I said it then and I'll say it now; I'm amazed I have anything to hold her attention for ten minutes let alone to spend her life with me.
I still breathe you honey x
One of those classic 'fell in love with the boss' stories Andy - neither of us were looking.

No affairs, just recognition of the voids in our own lives + independent decision making = eight years & two-bubbies-I-never-thought-I'd-have ago!

I'll pick you up two shirts in Perth then mate, one in women's, you can use it as a lure Wink
Thanks mate Big Grin just one in a women's medium will be fine - for the birthday girl I took to the concert. Flick me your details and I'll put the money in your bank account.

Appreciate it.



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