Hi - I hope this is an easy one. I just want to know the song clips on the neil Finn website that you find in the 'elevator'. I know one is Lullaby Requiem, but cannot seem to ID the rest.

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The songs are from a project that Neil undertook with Michael Leunig and the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Entitled 'Parables Lullabies and Secrets', it was performed in Melbourne, Australia in 2001.

I figured out this list of the Elevator songs from the lyrics in the concert programme (no, sadly I didn't see the show):

Real and Right and True
Little Fish
Sweet Secret Peace
Gratitude and Grief
Lullaby (Requiem)

Not sure if that's the right order - I was going to check but it seems Nilfun is offline at the moment Frowner
i wanted to post on this topic the other day, but nilfun was down then as well. i thought it might have just been me. strange. those are the correct titles, if i remember the very first song was lullaby requiem and the very last was sweet secret peace.
Originally posted by brownie:
[qb] Hmmm... well maybe it's offline because it's being updated? (I can live in hope, can't I? Wink ) [/qb]
is it too early for album 3 previews ?

I was always sad that these songs never got released. They were available for streaming in very low quality from Neil's website back in 2001/2002. I was able to save them, but only for posterity. The low audio quality makes them basically unlistenable.

Well, you're a step ahead of me. At that time, I didn't know my pc bum from it's elbow so I couldn't even save what there was.

Is 'Lullaby (Requiem)' the same song as 'Lullaby Requiem' that appeared on 2002's One All album? Just confused by the parentheses is all.

I remember Lament from when Neil performed it on The Panel (Australian char show) back in 2001 to promote Parables, Lullabies and Secrets. He also performed Last To Know that night in promotion of One Nil.

Sweet Secret Peace ended up being released on the Maybe This Christmas compilation in 2002. Not too familar with the others.

Yeah cheers @Plug, much appreciated!

As thanks I went ahead and mocked up some makeshift cover art based on the six images featured in the flash animation. The things fans do...

The tracks weren't as low quality as I remember, but still not great. While the files in the Dropbox folder are a respectable 192Kbps, I'm guessing whoever (@Plug?) grabbed them from nilfun in the first place "upconverted" them to 192kbps MP3s from whatever file format they were originally uploaded in.

Being 2001 it wouldn't surprise me if they were originally RealAudio (.rm) files or something similarly ancient! I'm no audiophile, but if I'm taking a guess they sound equivalent to 64kbps MP3s. Would love for Neil to re-upload them in higher quality, or at least play them on Fangradio. Hell, the whole Parables, Lullabies and Secrets project deserves a proper release! 20th anniversary anyone?

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I don't think I downloaded them from Nilfun myself; I think someone uploaded them to the Jane FTP site (remember when that was a thing?) as you see them now.

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