Been watching a lot of YouTube vids in the past few weeks and thought it was apparent there are certain songs Neil really appears to enjoy playing ... no easy task when you've played some of them professionally repeatedly for more than 30 years. But some of these really do seem to bring a smile to his face or flash of enthusiasm, basically songs that he is really into when you watch the vids. (I say it because we all know there is a certain Crowdies song he doesn't think is his best song he's ever written but feels he has to play.. he's never said which song it is but just look at him during Something So Strong ... he's so over it). And for many many years he disowned I Got You cos he was so sick of it.

But check out some of the live versions of Into the Sunset, Won't Give In are two that readily spring to mind ... Similarly Private Universe and Fingers of Love. (And I think he really enjoyed playing Pony Ride simply because it was his dad's favourite song from that album). 


He knows he has to play Don't Dream well every time because he has great respect for the song and how it's received.

Any others people have noticed that he really seems to get into ? 



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A quote rather than an observation here. During the CH 'rehearsal' broadcast before the ARIA & Sydney gigs last November, he was asked for his favourite CH song to play. It's unlike Neil to pick favourites but when they pressed him for one, he went with Whispers and Moans.
Not a huge surprise. He puts everything into that song, every time. It only enhances the mystery around why the studio track fades out just as the song hits top gear. Suffice to say I never play the studio version when there's the FTTW version to rock out to.

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