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Um... you should certainly seek out the album "Finn" which is songs by both Tim and Neil.
Try (as recommended by fanclub president, Peter Green)

And I take it you are familiar with the Crowded House and Split Enz back catalogues? (Oh and of course Tim's several solo albums!) If not, try typing each of those artist names into the HMV search engine and... welcome to a world of truly FABULOUS disovery, and DIVINE music!

When I was first discovering the music of the Enz and Crowded House some 14 years ago, I found that haunting second-hand record shops seemed to be my best bet. I'm not sure how well this will work in the UK (I was living in Melbourne, Australia, at the time, which became the base for both bands) but it is worth a try. And of course nowadays, we have the internet... doing a search on ebay, as well as looking for other second-hand record and CD sellers online may be the key to filling in the gaps in your collection.

Hope some of this helps... and I'm sure other forumites have other ideas. But if the two Neil Finn albums are all you have... get set for a world more music to enjoy!!!! Smiler
Let's see ... Neil's solo non-album tracks. Here's the list:

She Comes Scattered
Family Ties
Identical Twin
808 Song
Log Drums
Spirit Of The Stairs
Can You Hear Us
I Can See Clearly Now

One Nil Era
Now I Get It

One All Songs
Human Kindness
Lullaby Requiem

Personally, I'd call Human Kindness the best of the bunch. Other favorites include Lullaby Requiem, Can You Hear Us, and 808 Song. All of them are pretty good though (except Log Drums -- it sucks).
Cheers, Lavar... I only posted so that this question didn't get lost amongst the myriad of Neil postings, because to be honest I'm rather ignorant of the non-album tracks of the Neil solo era... sounds like I have a lot to catch up with. Still, that's the joy, eh. Smiler Big Grin

That said... I KNOW I'm not the only fanatic of the Finns' earlier work... (thank the spirits for this place!!!!) and I thought the heads-up might be of some help... (That said, does not stock "One All" - for that album, which I'm told by my reliable local sources is well worth getting for the remixing alone, let alone the two new tracks, um, try making an American pal, or looking through some of the online record stores here... maybe or - oops hope I got that website right, lol - avoid Tower Records by all means, as they will promise the world and deliver less than Tasmania (and late, to boot), if you get my point. EUGH to Tower!)

Good luck in the search. All Neil is good Neil. Smiler

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