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This is stolen from another list I'm on.

Also, song discussions seem to be something that crops up now and then and I figured it would be nice to make it a regular thing.

Let's randomly start with:

Sinner ]

Eventually we will touch on everything, including both Finns, CH, SE and even some off shoots.

Sounds like fun!

I hope....
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Let's tee it up:

I love the opening keys. Great groove on this song.

This is one of his lyrically dense songs:
It's really dark, moody thing. "Sinner, I have never learned/ Beginner, I cannot return/ Forever, I must walk this earth/ Like some forgotten soldier"

He really is a ponderous soul.

And I really like the progression, it goes somewhere butit never truly breaks out of the mood it sets. Even though there is so much change when the "closest I get to contentment is when all of your barriers come" rolls around.

This is a song I put iin the top tier of songs of TWT. Definitely a 4/5 star song in the ratings when put up against other finn songs.
Not on topic but I need wisdom: I lucked into "Crowed House" album self-titled song book. I know how to play piano from lessons as a child but I fear I share Lisa's dread of the "black keys." Plus the fear that no songs sound right unless you possess the insouciance of the lounge player ( I want that so desperately)

1. Any songs good for my lamentably restricted voice range?

2. If no, what's recommended as instrumental?

3. What's most basic to learn to play?

4. Still nothing from this book? Turn me on to other sources of Neil song books.

I want to thank thank Bakerfield, Ca's Wooden Nickel Trading for that song book.
Yes Chris, "Sinner" is a great song!

I love the lyrics:
"Under moonlight I stood wild and naked
Felt no shame just my spirit awakened"
For some reason I think of Neil having this epiphany or mystical experience, though I have no idea if the meaning is really that deep.

My favorite memory of the song is when Neil performed it in Minneapolis and he was facing the Basilica Catholic church. He was singing the song just beaming. He also told some stories of his alter boy days. He seemed to get a real kick out of the fact he was playing on the grounds of a Catholic church! Smiler

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