Here's what a little cardboard box, some paint, felt, Beadswax, size 11 seed beads, and a lot of patience and fine motor skills will result in:

Perfect for storing treasures such as Finn postage stamps and one of Tim's guitar picks. Smiler
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Wow, that must have taken some time, nice work. I have that exact same design on my acrylic nails right now, with a lighter blue background.
Can you only buy those stamps in TA, btw? I picked up 5 of the same on my last trip. The counter girl misunderstood when I asked how many there were in the set. She said 5 as in $5, so I spent $25.
Interesting to see what they're worth in 10 years time.
How'd you get the guitar pick? Got a treasure of my own just before I left NZ last time, compliments of my security buddies -way too big to fit in that box. Big Grin
thanks for the kind comments Smiler

How long did it take? Hard to say, because I didn't work on it continuously; just picked it up and did a few rows from time to time. I can say that it took less time to do the True Colours design than a beaded picture frame I made using a design based on Tim's Maori-influenced guitar strap...I'll put a photo of that one up sometime, too.

aFINNity, I am not sure if those stamps can be purchased outside of TA - all I know is that is where I got mine! The pick is from one of the shows around the release of The Conversation; thoughtfully given to me by one of my Frenz. Smiler

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