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You can make an advertising slogan for anything you are a few that I got, when I tried to sloganize "Neil Finn:"

Once You Pop, You Can't Stop Neil Finn.

The Joy of Neil Finn.

The Best Neil Finn Under One Roof.

Neil Finn is Our Middle Name.

Neil Finn Really Satisfies.

The Loudest Noise Comes From the Electric Neil Finn.

Because So Much Is Riding on Neil Finn.

What Would YOU Do For a Neil Finn?

Neil Finn, Take Me Away!

Make it a Neil Finn Night!

You're Never Alone With a Neil Finn.

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hey this is so cool!

my first one was a bit sad (it implyed that neil was dead) so I 'refreshed' the generator and I got this!

"That's Handy, Harry! Stick It In The Neil Finn."

or maybe this.....

"Come One, Come All To Neil Finn."

hmm this is interesting.....

"Doing It Right Before Your Neil Finn."

how about...

"Neil Finn Just Feels Right." (so true)

this is good....

"Make Every Neil Finn Count." (one for liam maybe?)

hey cool....

"Neil Finn Saves Your Soul."

okay so I'm getting carried away now...

"Don't Say Brown, Say "Neil Finn"."

"I'd Like to Buy the World a Neil Finn."

"A Neil Finn A Day Helps You Work, Rest and Play."
"Think Neil Finn."

and finally.....
"How Do You Eat Your Neil Finn?" (ahhhhhhhhhhhh!)

I honsetly could be on that site for years!
good post Heidi!

I couldn't's some more!

"Daddy or Neil Finn?"

"Fill it to the rim with Neil Finn"

"When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be Neil Finn Overnight." (yeah baby!)

"For That Deep Down Body Neil Finn." (hmmm)

"There's Always Room For Neil Finn."

"Smart. Beautiful. Neil Finn." (so true)

here are some that leave nothing to the imagination....

Feel The Raw Naked Neil Finn Of The Road.

Neil Finn. It's What's For Dinner.

Wait Till We Get Our Neil Finn On You.

The Neil Finn That Eats Like A Meal.

It Takes A Tough Man To Make A Tender Neil Finn.

Neil Finn Is Job 1.

Neil Finn, Take Me Away.

Little. Yellow. Different. Neil Finn.

Promise Her Anything, But Give Her Neil Finn. (YES!)
Go To Work On A Neil Finn.

Put A Neil Finn In Your Tank.

check out the list!

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