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Who wrote the piano bit at the end of Six months in a leaky boat..? Confused Iit's one of the most beautiful and moving bits of music I've ever heard. I'm new to this forum, so forgive me if this questions been answered before, it's just I wondered if It was Neil, Tim, Eddie, or maybe a traditional/folk tune.
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Originally posted by Splitz:
[qb]Hi Ben, I totally agree - is an awesome piece of music alright - and composed by Eddie Rayner of course, the Maestro![/qb]

Actually Splitz, it was Tim. Eddie wrote and played the prelude (Pioneer) to Six Months In A Leaky Boat, but Tim wrote Six Months.

Eddie played Keyboards on Six months, Tim did Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and the Piano outro.
Ooops, Jeremy, you are absolutely right....!!! I am getting my intro's and outro's mixed up - the piano intro (Pioneer) is definitely Eddie's....the other (end) bit, well, I had no idea it was Tim's composition, I have to admit - actually had thought it was a combined Enz effort. I was pretty sure Eddie played it though on the recording - sure has the Rayner technique about it.....!

Splitz (with the forked tongue...!)

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