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So I walk into Golf Warehouse today and on their piped-in music was "Sinner".

I was SHOCKED I tell you. "Sinner"????????

I mean, gee folks I LOVE THAT SONG, but Golf Warehouse??????????????

I LOVED the fact that here is one of Neil's greatest songs (IMHO) being played to America's golf shoping public. My mind races ahead and says, "Hey, just who is hip enough to program that??????????????????"

I'd like to buy them a beer.
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That's quite nice. I remember that DEVO used to make their own musak, which people could purchase for such uses.

And what's kinda weird to me is that since i listen to spanish language radio, sometimes odd versions of english language songs loosely translated into spanish will show up, such as "there is a light that never goes out".

i guess crowded house has been around long enough that if they aren't on musak, they would not be icons.

I can understand where you are coming from....
Did it make you feel as though you wanted to purchase something from the shop because they played such an awesome song???

I have a coffee place in town that I am a regular at because they play quite a bit of piped CH/NF/SE They even had the She Will Have Her Way album playing the other day with female artists performing NF songs...I love that place.

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