I want to like the Dixie Chicks (especially for taking on W), but I just can't get used to the voices on their version and the high country violin. Yet I still like it because it's such a powerful song.

Hands down I like all of the versions I've heard CH sing better.

But long live the Dixie Chicks for taking on the politics of country music in the USA.
I'd have to say that the DC version is better and it's not all that close. to me, the CH version of SH is the biggest disappointment on the record. Not that I don't like it, it's just that it could have been a great CH track.

It's a great song. I'm not a DC fan, but I thought their version was pretty strong. the best part of the DC version, though, was that I could *hear* CH doing it. Then I saw CH do it live and they played the hell out of it - I thought it was the best of the batch of the TOE tracks. I was thinking it could have been a great single. But when I first heard the CH version, it left me cold. Neils vocal just strikes me as all but lifeless. The distorted guitar effect doesn't add much to an arrangement that I find droning rather than dynamic.

At any rate, it's still a great song and I look forward to procuring a great live version sometime...
I think I like the DC version better, but I've liked the CH live versions I've heard more than the CH studio recording. On ToE, I do really like the guitar sound in the chorus, that disonant buzz that puts an edge in there. It's a nice contrast.

Dave in Atlanta
I think the CH version has more depth, sounds more fascinating. The arrangement is better, but above all Neils voice catches me! The DC version sounds flatter in my opinion, but has also my approval. I like most of their music that I've heard, and I admire their courage.
Oooops, I had posted my opinion about this topic yesterday in another thread and I duplicated this topic without knowing that there had been a very long discussion about this long time ago... sorry, new girl in town!... hehehe, thanks Tiawamutu to help me to find this topic.

Now, my opinion: I think DC version is ok but I prefer CH version. Neil's voice is amazing, sweet and the sound of the music is so emotional... great song. You can definely appreciate it better in live. I've seen the live versions in youtube and it grows more in you because you can feel the nostalgia that Neil gives in the music and the singing.
Confused But I still don't know why the Dixie Chicks don't mention Neil when they introduce the song in their live presentations... not polite at all.
For me, the song rises to a new dimension live.

It starts off slowly, begins to build gradually, hits a very powerful peak
(particularly spearheaded by Matt's drumming), then seemingly suddenly returns to the level it took on near the beginning of the song.

Performed live, it's my favorite of the songs from the new album.
Here's a big heads up for anyone who wants to learn to play this song on acoustic guitar. This YouTube video is a tutorial on the song, and the guy has an amazing voice. I was blown away!


I prefer the way CH rocked this song in concert, both in Milwaukee and Minnesota, to either the TOE version or the DC. But in any case, it's a great song!

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