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A wise man once said "Don't ask the question, you won't like the answer"

But I am going to ask it anyway Big Grin

Should there be a third single (an actual physical cd that one can go into a music store in any country and buy)from Time On Earth

and if it is a song that was done without the whole band should it be released as the original with a 'remixed' version that includes all the guys.

I have said since the start, Nobody Wants To should be a single personally I think it would have amazing potential, given half a chance

The stars look so different from here



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I agree that we're done. I suppose it's remotely possible that the label would put out a new single when the UK tour begins, but I doubt it would happen.

For me, the natural song to release as a single is Even a Child. I know that it's not too popular around here, I guess because it has a strong Johnny Marr influence and therefore sounds less like Neil/Crowded House than the rest of the album. Maybe so. But it's also the most immediately commercial song on the album. The other songs that are often named as potential singles--Nobody Wants To, Pour Le Monde--are songs for the fans, not for the broader public, I think.
I'll chime in on this too.
Even a child struck me as the song most likely to grab a casual listener (most commercial song)
Those that 'know' the band may like songs for different reasons as they feel the other songs are more personal to them.
Maybe we like that Neil is taking a stand against war, or he is working thru his feelings for Paul, or for Sharon, or for his sons, or for 'whatever', but the average radio listener does not know about a songs 'history' or 'hidden meaning', and I think Even a Child is a very catchy tune that might of had the best chance out in the real world.
I would love to see a 3rd single. IN my opinion as just a fan it seems like not even giving the album real support to have less than that. Otherwise it will barely register on some people's radar who may just give it a chance.

I do think "Nobody Wants To" could be a single, but I could even imagine "Pour Le Monde" or "English Trees" as singles, especially after a track like "Edible Flowers" got released off FB's Everyone Is Here. Sure music trends can be fickle, but it might still work.
Nobody Wants To or Pur Le Momde would be good singles, but at this point we've all heard them and unless they are "batched" with some other exclusive material, what's the point?

That said, it would be interesting to see if there is an all-demo version of Time On Earth or if the lads want to try that for the next one. About 7 years ago, XTC released a classic recording--Apple Venus I and shortly after that came out with an all demo CD for each and every song, sequenced along with the eventual album. One or two of them were not that much of a departure from what ended up as the definitive releases, but it was still good to hear the songs in their first stages, raw and sparse.
I think 1 final single to provide some closure to the album would be nice. For me it would be between:

- Silent House
- Walked her way down
- Even child
- Say that again

In all honesty, i can't imagine those tracks being hits in any way, but I could imagine them getting some kind of airplay. But I tend to agree with those who think the band should just move onto their next album.
I think that issuing a single around their UK tour would work. The band would be around to promote it, and it would work off the album and tour as a good cross-promotion.

Although it would make sense to issue something that fans will see them play live, I also think that Even A Child is the most obvious choice. I think, however, they'd be more likely to go with Nobody Wants To which, if I recall correctly, was the original choice for second single.
I'd have to agree with the general feeling that a third single probably won't happen, especially given that:
    She Called Up isn't available outside the UK (excpet on itunes etc and does that count for chart performance?)
  • I'm sure I heard somewhere that the band are going back into the studio in the new year

However, just for the sake of capitalising on my $0.02, I'd say Pour Le Monde would make a great single. Hey, maybe we'll have it only released in Aus/NZ to support this leg of the tour Big Grin (well, we can only hope anyway)
Originally posted by liz:
I'd have to agree with the general feeling that a third single probably won't happen, especially given that:
[LIST]She Called Up isn't available outside the UK (excpet on itunes etc and does that count for chart performance?)

Not the UK chart no. As for other countries, it would depend on the chart rules in those areas.

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