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Yes. Tim and Neil are a great combination. Personally, I feel Neil's involvement pushes Tim to greater (dizzier) heights, and the sum of the parts, pretty darn good. 

Like Lance wrote. I'm happy with anything Finn. But I do prefer that which sounds like genuine effort.   Except the good stuff that appears so seamless, of course.

Can we just have Tim guest on the new Crowded House album? Honestly, I think it was a mistake not to have made Everyone Is Here a Crowded House album. It could have been phenomenal, IMHO. I know Paul couldn't have replicated some of the incredible percussion tracks on songs like "Homesick", but I think the trade off of marketing it as a true Crowded House album (with Tim Finn!) would have totally been worth it!

Would a new Finn Brothers album be worth it if there were no tour to support it? I know Neil's released two albums not with no significant tour support. For me, it really kills the buzz to not have Neil on the road and doing radio sessions. The albums just didn't feel like they had legs.

On the other hand, I'm never going to say no to any new Finn music!

It would be nice to have one more - it's certainly been long enough since the last album. Tim seems to be withdrawing from the industry quietly and as someone who got into the Enz and Finn Bros material far too late I'd love some material to experience fresh and see them performing live.
That said, I think pre-virus Neil had the next few years booked out with Mac and Crowded House which would make him much more money.

Keen for a full album of Forenzics though! More Mental Notes-era members of the Enz welcome! Bring back Wally!

While I still prefer “Finn” from 1995, I love about half of the songs on 2004’s EIH, and while logic would dictate the 3rd album should have arrived by 2013 (+9) or 2022 (another +9), I’d wait some more if they don’t want a rush job. A trilogy of albums would be fine, I see no diminishing returns from these masters.

I'd love another Finn Bros album. I agree that they seem to bring out the best in each other. It would be great to have a trilogy of albums! Would love to see after the next CH album and after the second Forenzics album (if Eddie agrees to release it). We have been spoilt with how prolific the guys have been in recent years!

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